1UP Editor: "Today was the worst day of my life"


"Video games website has been sold by Ziff Davis Media, resulting in a cut of thirty jobs. The website's editorial director calls it the worst day of his life."

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techie3479d ago

:( Sucks. I liked EGM...and sometimes 1up. Sometimes.

BulletToothtony3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

How websites will lose hits if they always do that ps3 fud..
With a much larger ps3 install base these sites can't hate on the ps3 it's just plain stupid.

Is not like ps3 is still at 2 million.

Look at IGN they love all platforms.. they enjoy games.. don't hate, or put fanboyism ahead of their professional opinions. Doesn't mean that they don't have a favorite console or make a mistake here and there.. But they don't go bashing on the other one.. It's so simple..

Yes some sites will get some extra hits from flamebait, but after that nobody goes to the site cause they know they're a joke..

If gametrailers wasn't the only website with decent size HD videos they would be next..

First gamespot, now 1up, come on media. Open your eyes and stop the ps3 hate..

Sadly the hate won't stop until the ps3 hits that $299 mark, maybe even $249, most fanboys are just mad because they felt "betrayed" by sony because they couldn't afford their new console.

Oh well for the mean time, the few of us who actually don't have hate for other consoles, lets keep enjoying the games, and lets keep watching these fanboys destroy each other.

Lifendz3478d ago

but you're right, the fanboyism on that site was nuts. Still, I enjoyed the 1up show and 1up yours was my favorite podcast. Shane will get a job and wherever he goes is where I'll start reading/listening. Hopefully IGN gets him.

FantasyStar3478d ago

I'm sure Bullet that even you know that fanboyism and media bias aren't the sole factors for 1Up's downfall. This isn't some crusade against the evilness that is Mcirosoft or anything some PS3 gamer might find glorious.

It's simply the magazines itself falling prey to the open-free world known as the internet. Why pay for a magazine when the internet provides that information free, and faster than magazines ever did. You'd read PSM's exclusive review on KZ2, but low and behold that those scans are already uploaded for free. Now people won't buy the magazine for that review and I'm sure the PSM staff won't see a nickel for every click to those direct-scans.

JokesOnYou3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

1up's demise had nothing to do with your "percieved" bias they have for sony....alot of Mag's are failing simply because the internet has all the news readily available just as newspaper subscriptions have become almost obsolete and many internet sites aren't safe during these economic times simply because there is sooo much competition, ironicly if 1up was as biased as you "percieved" them to be they might NOT have needed to be brought out by UGO, simply because "flamebait" type biased stories however untrue they are do in fact draw a substantial amount of hits from both fanboys camps & also unsuspecting gamers looking for big news about gaming, thus making the site generate more traffic= more advertising= more $$$. Whats sad is this is more about REAL PEOPLE losing their jobs but of course people like you (fanboys) always NEED to find a way to make it about their petty little videogame war. I wonder what sites sony loyalists do NOT consider biased?....please I'd like to see that black list from the SDF, or does it change depending on the story?...oh thats right its a worldwide all inclusive conspiracy against sony, hell even sony's advertising dept is in on it=


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techie3479d ago

Wonder if will still do podcasts - they were pretty good.

Vojkan3478d ago

No they won't. Not old ones. Maybe something new.

techie3478d ago

Well I didn't expect them to redo the old ones ;)

DragonWarrior465343479d ago

I just care about the 1up show. It was Da Bomb!

Vojkan3478d ago

No more of it. Staff than worked on it was laid off, do you even follow news?

pp3479d ago

And what am i suppose to do?

celldomceen13479d ago

Thats just cold blooded man.

Chubear3478d ago

I think that's the first time I've ever agreed with pp on anything. Here pp, have a bubble on me... SYKE!

Chubear3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Now you know how it felt for all those employed with developer teams (from game workers to even cleaners) that you unconsciously ragged on their work and helped put their jobs in jeopardy uh?

Not liking it much are ya?! hehe.

pixelsword3478d ago

...Why should I feel sorry for any of those who complained for the sake of complaining and put honest, hard working developers, designers, and others in trouble because they hated one console or another?

I know it's bad that people lost their jobs, but if it was your job to be unbiased and you failed at that, then I guess you got what you got.

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