TNL Review: Spider-man: Web of Shadows

TNL writes: "I've been remiss in keeping up with everyone's favorite web head. I haven't touched a Spider-Man game since reviewing the excellent Ultimate Spider-Man on the PlayStation 2 a few years ago. Since then, he's gone through some rough patches. Peter Parker has always been goofy and quite frankly a little cheesy, but it seems that when Venom and that black suit are involved, Spidey lets his emo side take over. It happened with the abysmal Spider-Man 3 movie, but is kept in check and is even played to comic effect in Web of Shadows, an adventure set in a New York City on the verge of a symbiote invasion. Spidey's trademark wit keeps the rather dire situation from falling into Dark Knight-level seriousness, though things are definitely bleak as arch-nemesis Venom does his best to befoul the city that never sleeps. There are plenty of other cameos too, including members of the Sinister Six, Kingpin, Wolverine, and Moon Knight, among others."

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