IncGamers: Hot Mods 07/01

The latest installment of IncGamers' regular mod feature. This week Spanner looks at Oblivion mods including Middle Earth Role Playing and Oblivion Online.

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Leord3329d ago

Mods used to be a little clique of hacker-esque users who wanted to modify a game. Today it's borderline an industry with so much money being made if you manage to charm the masses...

Maticus3329d ago

Mods are a major feature on World of Warcraft, many players don't even like playing without them these days.

thetamer3329d ago

One of the best articles online at the moment. This guy really knows his mods and I'm glad someone is spending the time to go through the great games we have and discuss the amazing mods that are available for them.

Maticus3329d ago

Awesome article, very informative - thanks!

AndyA3329d ago

There's always the chance that good modders will be recruited into the industry - the guys who made the Desert Combat for BF1942 are a great example.

syrinx3329d ago

Yeh this was a great game. Nice round-up

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