R.I.P. Electronic Gaming Monthly

sev1512 of writes:

"When a friend or family member passes on, we pay our respects.

Electronic Gaming Monthly has been a part of my life now since 1989, so the news of EGM closing it's doors for good has me feeling a deep loss.

I have been an on and off subscriber since 1989 (when I was just 7 years old). Even when I wasn't subscribed, I would purchase every issue at the newsstand. I was such a fan, I even had a subscription to EGM2. Years of reading Shane, Sushi-X, Quartermann, etc., all gone.

EGM started the Video Game April Fool's joke, with it's Sheng Long hoax. Another memorable April Fools joke, was unlocking Nimbus in the original Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis, which I literally spent days trying to unlock before my next issue came, and I realized I'd been had. The April Fool's joke is just one of the many ways EGM has entertained me over the years."

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molsen813484d ago

I didn't know EGM was closing. As a teenager, this was probably the only reading I actually did. I read EGM and Gamepro every month for a very long time. Much do respect.

Radiodread3484d ago

more like B.I.H. Electronic Gaming Monthly.

Dark_Overlord3484d ago

all magazines are are just one persons opinion, whether you agree with them or not. Thats why I don't read magazines (or web reviews) as usually their opinions differ greatly from mine.

Sev3483d ago

Say goodbye to your last bubble... Loser...

gameraxis3484d ago

if i have a subscription for this year? do i get refunded or are the going to finish it off and just take no more subscriptions????