The Westernification of Metal Gear Solid 5 writes: "The big question is, what does this mean for Metal Gear Solid 5, a game Kojima himself has confirmed he is already thinking about? Is this the beginning of the Westernification of Metal Gear? What does that even mean? We've donned our Octocamo suit and climbed into our cardboard box to bring you what we reckon Kojima's words mean for the Metal Gear Solid franchise and its army of fans."

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Cajun Chicken3357d ago

Isn't the MGS series all ready western?
I mean, coming from a Japanese developer, its got a lot more similarity to something created in the US, I mean, you play a US soldier legend, in the first one you worked for the US...

I personally don't think theres anything to be afraid of.

Pennywise3357d ago

I think it is. There are some aspects that wouldnt be considered "Western"....

I am going to create a website and start shooting from the hip on predictions.

Cwalat3357d ago

i agreed because your right.

there are some western aspects in the game.

But, in all fairness.. it's pretty obvious a Japanese developer made it. The story is told from a Japanese perspective.. and suits the game very well.. Look back at history in gaming... Japanese devs are the most worthy.. Final Fantasy, Metal Gear... many more...

Handsome_Devil3357d ago

I will give you as much space as you need in my server and see how it goes from there :P

and from what I see in here, it will work very well.

Rock Bottom3357d ago

I just like to point something, Kojima said they're working on two games, one is a traditional Kojima Production style game, the other is a western style, we still don't know which one of those is MGS5, but I'll go with traditional one, since I doubt that they will try to change MGS completely while it's so successful as it is now.

And at people saying MGS is already a western style game, well it is with the military and the "action movie" style, but not in gameplay, most western games leans toward pure action like Gears2, Uncharted, Halo... or completely tactical like Splinter Cell and Rainbow six, while mgs is like an arcady tactical game, not so realistic and no straight foreword action, it's something hard to describe with my poor English, but I can say that it plays very deferent from western games.

PS360PCROCKS3357d ago

Ohh yeah totally a western game, I know all the games I play from U.S developers I fight against monkey men. Nice try. It's very Japanese and always have been, it has that weird Japanese flair to it.

kunit22c3357d ago

am i the only one to be suprised the next metal gear is going to be one Wii??? seriously WOW and less suprising but still is kinda suprising is the fact that its going to be on the 360 too. and jw is it official that its on the ps3 or is everyone just assuming?

rockleex3356d ago

They will spell the "5" in a curvaceous way to resemble more of an "S".

Why? Because it stands for Metal Gear Solid: Snatcher!! >:D

The Metal Gear Mk II will make a return. ^_^

By the way, whoever said MGS5 will be on the Wii/360 exclusively? At the very most, it will be multiplatform. But the PS3 will definitely be the lead console IF it goes multiplat.

phosphor1123356d ago

I don't want Kojima to change his ways. Only change the dialouge so its not as quite.. "Big Mama"ish..and such I mean..come on.. what kind of nickname is that? Basically, cut out the cheesy lines, other wise id sex the game up all day.

Oh and at Rockleex, the MK II went MIA lol.

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va_bank3357d ago

to write a whole article just to lead into another "Metal Gear is coming to 360" statement.

paul-p19883357d ago

LMAO yeh i know, and i hate to break it to this 'reporter' and all the 360 fanboys, but if Kojima struggled to fit it onto 1 50gb blu-ray disc, there is no way in HELL its gonna come to the 360, unless of course its like the following picture:

FantasyStar3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

You know, MGS4 is about 32GB of space. I don't think "struggle" is the appropriate word here. Knowing Microsoft: they might waive licensing fees for multiple discs to afford MGS4 to 360. We should learn by now not to underestimate Microsoft as they have proven they have the power to move mountains. Need I remind people of GTAIV, DMC4, and FFXIII?

MegaMohsi3357d ago

GTA 4 was never exclusive.

akiraburn3356d ago

And to add to your statement va_bank, the article's writer is making the most preposterous claims, stating them and other thoughts as facts (which they aren't), and not having anything to base it off of other than delusions that are far off in the dark. Truly a terrible and bias article. As a long time fan and follower of the Metal Gear series, I can really say that this writer seems to write as though he barely has played through any of the series.

Notice not one of his predictions "MGS5 stays a PS3 exclusive", "MGS unaffected by decision to turn more toward western games" or something remotely good. Hell, I would have accepted "Kojima working on MGS MMO" more than these abstract thoughts. He seemed hellbent on the idea that MGS5 had to be either multiplat/Wii, and/or turning a beautiful masterpiece of a game series into a giant pile of suck by reducing development time, changing the story and basis of the games, and turning it into a generic FPS.

"And the plot, well, let's be frank, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever." - A statement like that says me that he isn't a well educated person and has played little of the series. If he said, "A little confusing at times", sure I could agree with that. But judging from this and many astoundingly awful thoughts he has, he has no concept of Metal Gear to begin with. Metal Gear is an amazing game because Kojima doesn't accept anything less than the best, and while the series continues to evolve, it will never change into anything this poorly informed character wrote.

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pp3357d ago

Metal Gear Solid 5 Who would have guessed it would have gone Multi-Platform I guess Kojima realizes his mistake and wants to amend his ways by making his game on Xbox360. Anyway i'm looking forward to MGS5 on my Xbox360 it's the Console of choice.

Xwow20083357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Im looking forward to play Gears of war3 on ps3 it,s the console of choice.
(ur idiot pp).

Gaara_7243357d ago

no where in that did he say mgs5 will go to wii xbox or ps3 you 2 are just guessing now he could make it on pc if he wants what he siad it
"I've come to understand that the way we've made games up until now won't translate globally, and I've come to think that I need to make Kojima Productions a team that can compete alongside the rest of the world.

"I've thought a lot about how Western games have been winning, looking it from a global perspective, and there are things that I've noticed. So 2009 will be a year of change, a year where we start from zero again.

"With games, you've got to use cutting-edge techniques, and doing so costs money - so I don't think you can make games that just appeal to the Japanese market. So, 2009 will see us continuing to think how to create a team that can take on the world."

the rest of it is just spectulation

GiantEnemyLobster3357d ago

Means its coming to a western console, the Xbox 360. Unfortunately the Metal Gear series is garbage so I have no care for this.

ELite_Ghost3357d ago

have fun putting in cds every 10 minutes and crappy graphics.

Rs3356d ago

I'd be seeing the raise of RRODs if that ever happen.

Gue13356d ago

Huh? bu buh but MGS is a movie PP! Now you want it? LOL

So much contradiction around here...

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PirateThom3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I don't understand why Kojima, a developer who is sucessful for doing what he has been doing, would need to make his games more "Western".

Kojima is one of the developers who believes that Western software tech has far surpassed Japanese software tech (although, maybe this insight is why MGS4 is such a standout title for Japan surpassing just about everything released last year from any region).

That said, I hope Kojima doesn't change his development process too much, because, up until now, whatever he's been doing has worked and I'd hate to see him change his process and make something with mainstream appeal but lacking the Kojima touch.

I buy Kojima's games with the expectation it's a Hideo Kojima game. If he's going to change entire processes, will it still be a "Hideo Kojima" game or a "Hideo Kojima trying to emulate a Western developer" game?

hay3357d ago

I believe he'll make more western style game but in his own way. Whatever it is I think it'll be groundbreaking, breathtaking, strawberrypicking and pretty cool in overall.

va_bank3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

The problem with this thread is that everyone is going by assumptions made by a second-rate website, in turn based on a very vague comment. Anyone here can speculate just as easy as the site that posted this and be right. So here's my guess:

I'm guessing he's referring to the storytelling. I love MGS4 to death, it came as close as it can to a perfect game, but the length of cutscenes was unbearable at times. We, the westerners, especially Americans, are used to processing large amounts of information, due to the information being condensed for our consumption. Read this thread (or any thread) for proof. Things like LOL, ROFLMAO, etc., didn't happen by accident - we need to express ourselves as quickly as humanly possible.

And that's where we're different from Japanese. They are more patient and able to sit back and assemble information from a slow moving stream, where we (Americans, at least) demand instant gratification. Nothing wrong with either way, both have advantages and disadvantages, but that's my guess about what Kojima meant. And my guess is just as good as the one by

sajj3163357d ago

Does this mean less storyline? Less cut scenes? Whatever you do Kojima, please don't compromise the epic nature of this game!

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