Eurogamer Hands On: Killzone 2

Killzone 2 has much to prove. The first Killzone, released for the PS2 back in 2004, was hailed as a "Halo killer" before release, a rather unfair burden that it ultimately failed to shoulder. Graphically ambitious, its tale of ferocious future war was perhaps too much for the poor old black obelisk to handle. The frame-rate was sticky, the draw distance short. Review scores, inevitably, were mediocre. Then there was that big kerfuffle about pre-rendered footage, screenshots that were scrutinised to an impossible degree, and the lingering insistence from vocal gaming "enthusiasts" that each new PS3 exclusive must apparently single-handedly prove the worth of the console in every conceivable way.

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karlostomy3506d ago

Well written, informative and doesn't give anything away.

pansenbaer3506d ago

Agreed. Although I can't help but think all of you comments have some deep, dark, ulterior motive to rile up the fanboys....

I must look harder to find it in this one...

TheExecutive3505d ago

Even Eurogamer's tone of this game has changed. I LOVE the fact it is more tactical and more hardcore than most shooters on consoles. Console shooters tend to be a little "kiddy". Socom aside of course...

I am not quite sure if it will effect sales but if it is as good as many say there should be plenty playing online for a long time to come and to tell you the truth thats the only thing a gamer should be worried about when it comes to sales.

Freak of Nature3505d ago

I believe that this game will sell like hot cakes...

It has Triple A written all over it,from eye candy,intelligent overall gameplay...The people that have played it all seem to leave with smiles and poistive comments...

To me it seems like the game will be the "love child" of Gears and Cod 4...A cross,or mix of the two.Which in my opinion is a great thing...

I love the strategy based gameplay,and am happy to hear the game is not just run and gun...

darthv723505d ago

Question is, will it sell systems? No doubt it will be a big hit with the existing users. I am most curious if this will be the game to tip the scales much like FF7 did back in the PS1/N64/Saturn days.

I know they are totally unrelated games but the idea is there. A big title that has the right balance of hype and delivery to not only keep the faithful entertained but also bring in droves of new followers.

Is Killzone 2 that title? Or, will it be God of War 3 (my personal fav)?

On a side note, I picked up my preorder rave card from gamestop yesterday. It sux that you can't use the card till the 5th of feb.

Damn you gamestop!!!!

SRU96003505d ago (Edited 3505d ago )

"It has Triple A written all over it,from eye candy,intelligent A.I..."

Are you serious about the intelligent A.I.?

I will be buying this game, but the A.I. that I have seen on display in videos on the internet has been laughable at best.
Seriously, if you walk into a room that contains 3 Helghast, I think it's reasonable to expect at least one of them to start firing their weapon, don't you?

Also, based on their inability to hit what they are aiming at, it appears that the Helghast are blind.

It borders on being retarded.

I'm also pissed about the lack of a "every man for himself" Deathmatch mode.
Leaving that out IS retarded.

Oh well, at least it looks nice. lol

Jager3505d ago

"Are you serious about the intelligent A.I.?

I will be buying this game, but the A.I. that I have seen on display in videos on the internet has been laughable at best."

GG already stated that the AI in the preview build isnt the final AI, obviously Eurogamer has the final game, just like how OPM has the final build.

SRU96003505d ago

I hope that is true, Jager, but I will believe it when I see it.

I take what magazines say with a grain of salt (advertising dollars may explain the lack of criticism) and GG certainly wouldn't admit that the A.I. is lame.

Like I said, I will be buying the game (on day 1) but the A.I. that I've seen so far has been very bad.

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Saint Sony3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

And when it's out we don't have to hear about it anymore. Same thing happends with every PS3 game. Super hype and when the game is released, all goes quiet.

ud3506d ago

because ps3 owners will be playing it

PirateThom3506d ago

Isn't that the same with every game ever released?

I don't hear much about Gears of War 2 anymore or Super Mario Galaxy.

Cajun Chicken3506d ago

You, my friend are what is called an 'emotional vampire'.

thor3506d ago


We actually heard a lot about Gears 2 post-release. Because of all its online problems and the patches that were supposedly coming to fix them.

Michael Jackson3506d ago

"Same thing happends with every PS3 game."

happends?! Who the hell spells like that? We should rename you inSane Sony from now on. X)

ActionBastard3506d ago

Saint Sony is still reading all the Banjo and Too Human news flooding N4G.

Bathyj3505d ago

Where I'm from, we just say "Wanker."

cryymoar3505d ago

We still hear lots about LBP, levels and add-ons, because the game is still growing and growing a lot.
Gears Of War 2 is still the same game it was when it was released, maybe a patch or two. :]

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dkgshiz3506d ago

why compare good games to halo? Compare it to a good game like COD4 or something. COD4 killer would be much better. Sorry, but halo isn't that great:(

sak5003506d ago

Because while Halo3 is fun MP, its campaign left lot to be desired. Also it was hardly an improvement graphically over halo2. If they compare it with COD4, BAD company, COD:WAW etc, KZ2 might look ok in graphics dept but gameplay wise it wouldn't even come close to COD4 level.

n4gno3506d ago

Killzone 1, not 2 was compared to "halo".

joydestroy3506d ago

actually, i have more fun playing socom confrontation versus cod4. i laugh everytime i jump in thanks to the incredible sounds. the levels are just as stellar as cod4 with dust particles and such. socom is my shooter of choice currently. but when KZ2 comes will own my tv.

ud3506d ago (Edited 3506d ago )

I assure you the gameplay is on COD4 and 5's level. This game is REALLY fun in multiplayer and you are REALLY missing out if you prevent yourself from playing this game. You should try it, it's one of the best multi-player experience I've had in my life and it was only the beta.

The classes are all unique and you can customize them later on (after playing for a while to unlock badges)

I've already started thinking about what combinations i'm gonna make when the game releases, haven't had much time to unlock badges in the beta.

Bathyj3505d ago

Sak, you've never played it and probably never will because of your irrational contempt for a machine, in other words, you're a known troll, so while you're entitled to your opinion, its likely not helpful or acurate.

And as for "was hailed as a Halo Killer" I can get enough of that lie. Only dumb arsed fanboys and certain games media said that. and when it released they couldnt line up fast enough to point out it didn't measure up to expectation that they themselves imposed on it. The game itself was pretty awesome when played with an open mind, a fact reflected by its sales, not to mention Sony must have saw some value in it to invest the time and money they did on its sequel.

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Scarfy3506d ago

Based off what Eurogamer have to say (in particular, the last paragraph), it sounds like a major sticking point for some will be the difficulty.

die_fiend3506d ago

If people can't stand the difficulty they shouldn't buy it. Games are often too easy nowadays and it just makes them less enjoyable. Most of the best games are pretty tough

Ju3506d ago

I think there is a big run-n-gun crowd out there. That's where the games sell into millions. I don't mind. I like more tactical games anyway. But if we ever want to get rid of these "must sell 4M to be a success" perception, well, then one game needs to step it up. I was (and am) hoping KZ2, the most anticipated PS(3) game ever, could be that game.

JewyMcJew3505d ago

I agree.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only person who prefers to be entertained rather than challenged!

Man, I'm getting old!

TheExecutive3505d ago

Yeah and if you could just run and gun your way through people would say its too easy and appealing to the casual crowd. I LOVE a challenge these days when it comes to shooters, there simply isnt enough. Games have become too easy.

It sounds like there is a formula to success here and I do have faith in humanity to be able adapt and learn so I think most should be fine. This is no COD gentlemen, pick your cover and fire from there.

Ju3505d ago

You are not he only one :) Now, after the days are over (you, know, you start listening to these viagra commercials a lot more:) I might look for a new hobby. Some say Golf is good.

Man, my son just earned me about 8 trophies in Warhawk within 1 or 2 hours. He beats the crap out of me in these games, and he's just a kid! I still wipe the floor in tactical games, though.

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pp3506d ago

So it's a flop.I better get on the phone and cancel my order.

resistance1003506d ago

lol, you didn't even order it to begin with

Agent Orange3506d ago

Your mom didn't even buy you a ps3

gambare3505d ago

PP can afford a phone?

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