Bioshock can 'do a Star Wars', says 2K boss

MCV: Christoph Hartmann says title can have five sequels – but publisher promises not to "cash in" on franchise

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Denocao3303d ago

Need for speed from EA. That's the name he won't say that everybody knows. lol

PrimordialSoupBase3303d ago

George Lucas did a 'Star Wars' and I think it's called episodes 1 through 3. Yes... BioShock will 'do a Star Wars'. *sigh*

Dark_Overlord3303d ago

I don't mind how many sequels a game has

Dringostarr3303d ago

Good to see they're willing to call it quits when the storyline gets weaker.

I hope he doesn't mean there's going to be a Ja Ja Binks character.

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