Cuboid Coming Soon Exclusively to PSN

Cuboid is a stunning 3D puzzle game (available soon for $9.99) in which players navigate ancient ruins and lush environments, maneuvering a rectangular block through mystical exits. Cuboid will bend your mind with its addictive puzzles and engage the senses with amazing graphics and soothing music, immersing you in a surrealistic puzzle world. Creat Studios and TikGames are pleased to offer players 66 twisted levels with premium packs coming soon that will include additional levels and a custom level creator.

Cuboid is set in three major mystical places, beginning on the roof of an ancient temple, transporting the player to the inside of a magnificent church and ending up in a mysterious chamber. Within each area are 22 distinct levels, increasing in difficulty and complexity, adding new gameplay mechanics like triggers and special tile types the deeper and deeper you go.

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SeanScythe3513d ago

I played this game on my pc and it was really fun and addicting.

Solbadguy3513d ago

Count me in. Looks great for $10.