Vitals: Bomberman II

Bomberman made his debut in 1983, giving gamers their first taste of this arcade-style, maze-based mayhem. Originally a story about a robot forced to work in a bomb factory who eventually tries to escape, Bomberman quickly evolved into one of the greatest multiplayer experiences around, still going strong after all these years.

Hudson Soft's bomb-toting hero returns in Bomberman 2 for the Nintendo DS, with Konami at the wheel...

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CrAppleton3393d ago

I have always loved the Bomberman series

bgrundman3393d ago

Honestly I have had a hard time getting into those games in the past. I guess I find it a bit to remedial.

Neco5123393d ago

heck ya! ill hook my ds up with some bomberman

CrAppleton3393d ago

Yeah.. I've been waiting to dust off my DS.. Looks like a good reason to

CrAppleton3393d ago

Sorry @Hobb.. no PSP for this one.. Just 100% Nintendo lovin' =P

CrAppleton3393d ago

Yeah.. it should.. This one looks like it's going to be awesome

killyourfm3393d ago

I've held out a LOOONG time not buying a DS, and being perfectly content with the decision.

It's getting more and more difficult lately w/ stuff like this on the horizon..