Japanese hardware sales - DSi reigns supreme

The latest Media Create Japanese hardware figures are in and it shows Nintendo's DSi storming forward selling a whopping 245,150 units from the week through December 22 through 28.

Full list below:

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PirateThom3449d ago

Media Crate 2008 Totals:

Wii: 3,015,027
PS3: 1,033,503
360: 330,401

MrWonderful3449d ago

wow the ps3 has been at that 45k a week mark for awhile now. they are starting to warm up to it over there. so hopefully that means more jrps will find their way to the system.

Voiceofreason3449d ago

I just dont see how anyone could claim they are warming up to PS3 when Wii outsells it 3-1 every single week.

PirateThom3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

The same could be said of just about every region where the Wii outsells everything 2 to 1 or worse.

The funny thing is, Wii sales have actually dropped quite a bit in Japan since last year, but it's so high above everything else, no one notices.

mint royale3449d ago

both ps3 and wii have significantly dropped from last year. Whilst xbox sales are so low their growth rates are hardly denting the market. I don't know what is wrong with Japan but handheld gaming seems to be where its at. The DS outsold the ps2 in half the time whilst Japan is the only region where the ps2 is ahead of the wii if launces are aligned (roughly 8.5 million vs 7.5 million).

butterfinger3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

All you do is constantly put the PS3 down. You even said that 200,000+ White Knight Chronicles sold in 3 days was a flop in Japan. As much as you complain about PS3 fans, it's just as annoying to see someone repeat the same thing in every article. BTW, increasing PS3 sales would indicate that people are warming up to it. People warming up to the PS3 has absolutely nothing to do with Wii sales, but you sure do love to throw out some fud. It's cool that you can't afford a PS3, dude. You don't have to defend your console(s) to the death.

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PS360WII3449d ago

Ah if only the DSi wasn't region locked :(

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