Disney to buy EA?

TVGB: Jill Goldsmith, respected Wall Street reporter for Variety, has speculated that 2009 may see Disney buy out Electronic Arts. In a story based on interviews with a number of financial specialists in the field, Goldsmith looks at what the coming year may hold for major media conglomerates, saying; "Disney is seen as a buyer, with market speculation centering on videogame company Electronic Arts as a possible target."

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hitthegspot3390d ago

That would be a huge move for Disney. I just hope Disney would not restrict the game designers and allows them the freedom they have today when they create a game.

Sev3390d ago

Wow this is crazy...

Personally I hate all these buyouts and mergers. It is totally killing originality in the gaming industry.

Rock Bottom3390d ago

"The hunter becomes the hunted" *cheesy action movie trailer style"

anh_duong3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

"deadspace 2: goofy's revenge" confirmed?

Rock Bottom3390d ago

Haha man, the way Goofy moves scares the sh!t out of me.

Bnet3433390d ago

There goes Dead Space ...

f7897903390d ago

They just wouldnt plaster the Disney logo on the front of Dead Space 2. It would probably be a good thing since so many creative things come out of Disney and we all know EA needs creativity.

Rock Bottom3389d ago

Are you guys sure Dead Space sold enough to warrant a sequel?

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Narutone663390d ago

Activision-Blizzard merger. I wonder how much EA is worth now with the recession?

Fishy Fingers3390d ago (Edited 3390d ago )

Well, accourding to Wiki EA have a market capitalisation value (means rough net value) of around $11 Billion. That figure was from Sept 08 I believe, so Id imagine something less now, but still, a huge sum of money.

Cant find exact figures, typing "how much to buy EA?" into google doesnt come up with much of any use :)

crck3390d ago

About 5.7 Billion as of yesterday. Its down some more today.

Parappa The Rappa3390d ago

a lot of companies that could end up buying EA.
but i think disney will wait and see what what their value is after a few more releases.
they want to buy EA with open arms---not purchase 51% of their stock and force them into a corporate takeover. its gonna be interesting to watch for sure.

Bnet3433390d ago

11 billion?? Damn so Microsoft could of easily bought EA, they were giving 44 billion for crappy Yahoo ... wtf man ...

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Omega43390d ago

HA!! Now lets see how YOU like it EA

PopEmUp3390d ago

Disney Joining the Fight Imagine Disney produce a console like Sony/M$/Nintendo that would be insane

RelloC_ReBorn3390d ago

I could see it... Lmao
A Disney / Apple Console.. maybe Disney Sega? start seen sonic in Disneyland

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