Cage: 'Games no worse than 8 o'clock TV'

Quantic Dreams boss, developer of PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain, has defended mature content in videogames, saying that the interactivity of games makes them no more influential than movies or books.

Speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine UK, Cage said: "I don't think we do anything worse that what you see on TV at 8 o'clock at home."

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Rip-Ridah3513d ago

The fact that it is for adults is also a blessing because I don't want any part of the story held back. Cage has stated that we will get themes is this games that are not traditional to videogames. I think that keeping the games plot a secret is what drives me mad to know more about this game. Can't wait to play this along with Killzone 2, MAG, Resident Evil 5, God of War III, Uncharted 2, Infamous, WKC, The Agency, DC Online, Tears For Blood, and many more. 2009 is a gamer's paradise!!

Rip-Ridah3513d ago

I should also note that one should leave one's adolescents at the door when playing this game. Hopefully it will have a positive impact on videogames cuzz we could definitely use more adult themed videogames in the industry.