GOA: Should Microsoft still charge for Xbox Live?

Sick of having to pay to play online with the Xbox 360 when the PS3 users get it for free? Well, you're not alone. The question of whether users should be paying for the Xbox Live service is a question raised many times by millions of Xbox Live users throughout the world. In this article, we look at this question in detail.

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Captain Tuttle3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Of course free is better but I like the service I get. I really don't suffer from that much lag or dropouts (I've been playing COD WaW recently). The service has very rarely been unplayable, Christmas '07 being one of the worst. I'm in the US though so I can't speak for Australians' experience. From what I understand their broadband infrastructure is pretty inferior to ours. Feel free to correct me.

The revenue is just too much to pass up for MS. I think there's a greater chance of Sony beginning to charge than there is for MS to make Live free.

DaKid3358d ago

I agree dude, the revenue alone will keep Microsoft charging for Live.If people are willing to pay for it, they will continue to charge its as simple as that. I also don't mind paying for live, and I rarely have problems and enjoy the time I spend on it.

Cajun Chicken3358d ago

I'd like all XBLA games to be free to play online, I did buy all the content of the game, after all. Surely that wouldn't hurt MS that much.

I really want to be able to play deathmatch in Duke3D and Doom on Live with some friends, but at about £30-£40 a year, you have to be kidding.

Mainman3358d ago

Actually, if MS wants to get money for their service provided with live, they can go for it, no problem.

But I think it sucks that you have to pay a monthly fee to play a game's online component. I mean, I allready bought the game and paid for the game's online and offline components, so I should've been able to play the game online without any hassle.

If I buy the same game for PC I dont have to pay any additional costs to play it online. PC is considered an MS platorm too.

Sony PlayStation 33358d ago

Why make people pay to use their OWN internet connection?

I'm already paying $40 per-month on internet; why make me pay just for M$ to allow me to use my already payed-for internet connection.

Homicide3358d ago

Xbox Live has a lot of great features than PSN still doesn't have. Once PSN reaches the same level of XBL, then yeah I would be annoyed to pay for it.

RRoDReaper3358d ago

Otherwise how are they gonna pay me?

Graphics Whore3358d ago

"Xbox Live has a lot of great features than PSN still doesn't have. Once PSN reaches the same level of XBL, then yeah I would be annoyed to pay for it." - Homicide

Features like... ?

OOG3358d ago

like turtle said it owuld be ni9ce to be free...but it isnt....

I wouldnt mind the price being cut in half tho...that wouldnt be too bad

iHEARTboobs3358d ago

I see your point. But i find it retarded that you do have to pay to play the online component of the game you already paid for. What MS should offer is free online gameplay but charge for all the added features the PSN doesn't have. Or make their games a few bucks cheaper. But none of that will happen because they earn too much money off of live. If playing online was free on the 360, I would most likely get one. And it's not that i can't afford it, i can, i just don't think it's right that i'd have to pay to play the online component of a purchased game.

sretlaw3358d ago

I really don't get it though.

I mean, you payed for the game which states it has online capabilities on the back of the case, but you're still caught in the MS monopolizing campaign. They will charge you whatever the hell they want to charge you, and you WILL like it no matter what.

MS receives millions or billions of dollars for XBL subs and they can't handle putting up some dedicated servers? Yet on the other side, Sony doesn't charge for online but can have dedicated servers. I mean you guys truly believe that you should pay $50 to MS for Live like as if MS will go bankrupt w/o it, when in fact they would still be making a huge profit w/o it while giving you exactly what you already have. People decided to pay for something that is free by industry standards and it f###ks up the whole industry for the consumer, and you guys are happy about it LOLOLOL.

dragunrising3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

I don't mind paying. You get what you pay for and I wouldn't trade a free Xbox Live for one clogged with ads (there are enough already).

How about this scenario: The user in question either pirates their games or buys them ALL used. In this case, Microsoft doesn't see a dime in licensing fees. Everyone knows there are a large number of users that fit this description. If Microsoft is barely making even on the hardware, how do they make money period? Charge for a excellent online service that most people would feel is validated. On the other hand I do not support the outrageous prices of the 360 wireless adapter nor the 120 GB hard drive (which is on sale at amazon today for $135). It is easy to see the value of the online service, less so for the hardware add-ons.

sretlaw3358d ago

That is speculation and the PS2 had major pirating problems but was a huge success.

Homicide3358d ago

Cross-game invite for one :) Also we're secured for demos unlike PSN.

ape0073358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

xbox live has

1-ability to join sessions and send invites to,friends can you directly and you can send invites to a friend what ever he's doing,even if he's watching a video and the invite itself will be saved in your massage box

2-cross game chatting,very important

3-deep player status,you can see what's your friend doing,example:playing gears 2,act 2,ch 5 on insane co-op as marcus or gathering party members or in the minus or playing a full game that cannot be joined ,that's help a lot when you want to INVITE OR JOIN(FROM ANYWHERE) someone and also make you feel what are your friends is really doing.good times

4-lighning fast gamercard view,in psn,it takes around 30 seconds to view your friend's psn card

all these aspects mix to make a truly amazing online experience

psn has home which will be upgraded and I cannot wait to see it growing

psn has faster matchmaking system,getting online in cod or paradise takes less time to get in than in 360

psn can have less chance of getting lag

psn has much better voice quality than live,now if only sony add a headset in each ps3 and cross game chatting..... indeed but psn is growing and.....KILLZONE 2 IS COMING

I love both psn and live

ps3/360 is my life


rockleex3357d ago

actually OS features. Same with "PSN features", most of them are OS features from the XMB.

The only things that Xbox Live/PSN affects is the storage of your Gamercard/PSN Card stats on their servers, the linking of you to their servers to other players, and the speed at which you can do all that.

PSN does all that Xbox Live does, and at the same speeds too.

PSN cards take long mainly because of the way they are synced to the PSN. For some reason they take very long to sync, and they don't sync automatically. It has more to do with the way PSN cards are programmed right now, than PSN speeds because you can download games, demos, videos perfectly fine.

Xbox Live maintenance can mostly be covered for by ads and the Marketplace. You are not really paying for Xbox Live, you are actually paying Microsoft to provide more OS features for the 360.

But Sony does all that for free, including upgrading your XMB OS so it can provide features usable on the PSN like those that the 360 OS provides for Xbox Live.

Hopefully this is not too confusing.

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Capt CHAOS3358d ago

It's one way we can keep all the free temporary account abusers off xbl.

Graphics Whore3358d ago

Some how that is an epidemic?

evilmonkey5013358d ago

what a temporary account abuser is and why it is bad to have a temporary free account. You sound like a Microsoft financial analyst.
With Microsoft only take, take, taking....I don't see the argument...

PantherDST3358d ago

My home has two PS3s and one Xbox. I have found that game that do not have dedicated servers have terrible lag. I recently began playing Resistance 2 online and I was amazed and the lag free game play. I attribute the smoothness of game play even with 60 online players to the fact they have dedicated servers. Having tasted greatness I simply cannot go back to playing COD: 4 or COD: WaW because of all the lag issues.
Just my opinion…

locos853358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

Me and my friends have never had any lag issues in COD4. And we played it for a long time. I'm thinking its more your connection than those games. I play Resistance 2, COD4, COD WaW, Fifa 09, LBP online and rarely have any server or Lag issues. Except one in a while on Socom, still my fave though

JasonXE3358d ago

cod4 & waw for the ps3 has terrible lag so he might be referring to that.

Pixel_Addict3358d ago

You are a liar. I've played COD4 with people in England with no lag and I have a slow connection myself. I always have atleast 3 green bars at peek playing hours.

Stop lying and start getting a life. Here's a penny, get on that.

iHEARTboobs3358d ago

I don't experience lag on those games. The one thing i've noticed between the two is the Host issue is clearly better with WAW than Modern Warfare.

ThanatosDMC3358d ago

Must be your internet connection? I dont have lag nor does any of my ACTUAL friends. But i doubt other people have lag too though depending on their internet connection.

agareen3358d ago

AUS lags lyk a mofo on LIVE (cod4)
i rekon aus is lyk da fat kid in da playground wen it coms to xbox LIVE.
we dnt even get netflix. so we're paying to play online wid lag. ps3 get dat for free

rockleex3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

If your internet connection only goes up to 3Mbps then you'll most likely notice lag. Especially when you get linked to a host that doesn't live near your region/area.

The most accurate way to tell if you're lagging is to watch the Killcam Replays. If you run into a room, and shot a guy with a whole clip and he ended up killing you. Make sure you watch the replay. If in the replay you only shot out 1 or 2 bullets instead of a whole clip, or if the replay doesn't match what you did, then you're lagging.

Another way to tell if you're lagging is to press select during a game. Look for how many "bars" you have. Four bars is no lag, one bar is lag to the point where you can not play at all.

But sometimes the bars lie. You'd have four bars but you're actually lagging in the game.

Anyways, you need a pretty good connection to play COD4 without noticeable lag. Lag means life or death, win or lose in Search & Destroy matches, even when the lag is only slightly. >_<

But with Resistance 2, even if you're playing 60 player matches, there's NO LAG AT ALL.

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Nathan Drake3358d ago

Why charge for the ability to use your game Online?

DaKid3358d ago

As long as people continue to pay for it, they will continue to charge. If the users of Xbox live stop growing and then start to diminish, then maybe they would make it free. But as it stands it continues to grow ever year and generate revenue.

rawd3358d ago

If suckers pay for it, why make it free?

DHAV0K3358d ago

ask the COD players that are playing it if they prefer PSN over or not something has to give as to why theres plenty of live users

pippoppow3358d ago

Agree- Why pay for something I've always never had to pay for before. MS tried to charge for Windows Live service for the PC but PC gamers refused especially since they never had to before so why start now. Also Steam which is free is better. My brother has a 360 but refuses to pay as well and yes he can afford a few times over, it's just the priciple. It's service online service may be superior to the Wii's but not the PS3. If anything both services are on par to each other with pros and cons for both. There is no reason to charge for XBL not now or ever.

funkysolo3358d ago

Are you serious? PS3 players play the same game online as you 360 players except PS3 players don't pay to play...I have never had any issues on COD4 CODWAW, but Gears2 it was so terrible I stop playing after 2 weeks because the matchmaking sucks...Now I only have a PS3 and I game online with no problems or messages that my xboxlive account will expire...You can say 360 has features, but none of the features really have anything to do with gaming online do they?

Nathaniel_Drake3358d ago


Maybe because the console is initially cheaper??

Jazz41083358d ago

@Nathan, if you don't start buying those pretty little dresses for yourself in Home then PSN will be next to charge.

rockleex3357d ago

Then Home will either:

1. Start charging for the use of Home like a lot of MMORPGs.
2. Put up more ads in Home to make balance the money.
3. If all else fails, cancel Home.

Nothing happens to the PSN because PSN is separate of Home and if Home is creating more debt than profit, then Sony can just cut off Home. Because PSN is making profit by itself with or without Home.

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Graphics Whore3358d ago

I have to agree with some of the more outspoken people here on N4G. I already pay to use internet, why would I pay to use my games that I own on the internet?

There are no clear advantages to pay for Live so.. why bother?

Nineball21123358d ago

Being able to afford it was never an issue with me, it's the principle of the whole thing.

I totally agree. I already pay for my internet connection and I could always game on my pc without extra fees. I've never played a MMORPG (Everquest, WoW, etc.) for that very reason.

In fact, that was one of the BIG reasons why I decided to go with Sony over Microsoft.

Jazz41083358d ago

So if Sony started to charge today for PSN you are saying you would refuse to pay and not play online then? Do I understand?

rockleex3357d ago

Thats EXACTLY what we are saying.

We're not fanboys. We support the system/company that supports our ideals. Why SHOULDN'T you support a company that offers you what you want? I thought that should be logical.

Of course, it would be a shame if Sony and Nintendo both decided to charge just to go online on their systems. But that's not likely to happen since they are competing with each other and Microsoft for the most market share.

But of course, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft can just have a meeting one day and decide to screw over their customers by doing a joint monopolization of the video game industry. Where they will offer the worst services for the highest prices possible, and no matter which system you chose, you're still screwed.

... But that's not gonna happen. So be happy we still have 3 consoles competing against each other. Competition is better for the customers. ^_^