Why Xbox, PS3 Fell Behind Wii writes:
Ever since the debut of the Atari 2600 in 1977, if a console vendor's gaming instincts were not clean and strong, consumers would hesitate at the moment of truth. The consoles would not sell. And console makers died.

It's now clear that lesson was lost on Microsoft and Sony. Expect Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer to talk a lot about the Xbox 360 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and Sony Chief Howard Stringer to highlight the role of the PlayStation in that battle as part of his CES keynote the next day.

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ChickeyCantor3513d ago

They fell behind because of their marketing strategy...nothing more to it.

Blades083513d ago

I agree and would add, people also have a perception of what a gaming system should be and based on Nintendo's advertising they so it as being fun and something anyone at any age can do.

SSCOOLCHEA3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

my friends hard working people will not spend $499.99 for a ps3 for there fkn kids..simple as why not get them a wii cheaper .kids don't know shlt about gameplay or graphics..all they see is little cartoons doing funny shlt . They finally got a ps3 will not let there kids touch there ps3 . ps3 is grown folks toy ..i wouldnt let no fkn kid touch my ps3 ..

another example my other buddy has a ps3 and a xbox 360. he has ps3 . his kid has a 360 in his room.

oh btw ask the same old kids that bought the wii if there still playing with it..i know 8 friends that have it and the wii isnt even plug into the tv . its sitting in the garage...

molsen813513d ago

Nintendo should be proud of it's Wii sales, but this will not continue. There are no games for the Wii and Wii Sports is the top seller. So what's next? For all we know, retirement homes across the world have been buying up all the Wiis with no intention of buying anymore games.

Jamaicangmr3513d ago

I would agree if this was Sony and Microsoft we're talking about. However Nintendo Markets the Wii more than any of their games. That maybe due to the fact that they have none of any real substance too market. So while Sony and Microsoft market the next big exclusive Nintendo is still selling 10's more just sayin come have fun with the Wiimote.

They have no games yes but it's either they are appealing to the those of us who wanna loose weight but don't wanna go to gym or they sold their colective souls to the devil but damn they movin units.

Blades083513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

It will continue to sell, why most causal and non gaming folks want to entertain themselves for 30min to 1 hour a few days a week without really having to learn the controls or commit to a game and Wii Sports fits that bill. That's why the Wii is selling so good without any big hits like the 360 or PS3.

The folks that will be buying it in the future are non-gamers and casual PS2 owners (there is still a large PS2 base out there). So expect numbers to continue to grow for Wii console sales but not as high for software sales.