Level-5 says White Knight Chronicles coming to North America, online region locking not decided yet


Yes, White Knight Chronicles is coming to North America; Akihiro Hino, the CEO and president of Level-5, says so himself. In an interview with GameTrailers, Hino reaffirmed that Level-5 plans to bring the game over to North America, but he did not disclose when it would be coming.

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Chris3993477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I have a feeling that it's of the same pedigree as Valkyria Chronicles, which is brilliant. And Level 5 has never let me down, regardless of what Famitsu says.

And back to what I mentioned earlier, if you are an RPG-enthusiast and haven't played Valkyria Chronicles, get to it! Game is either ultra rare or has some legs too; went to four or five different stores before I could find a copy.



P.S. Watch the embedded video in the article. I really can't grasp why people are complaining about the graphics. The textures are lovely, the characters models are crisp and there is a ton of stuff onscreen at once with no frame-rate hitch or screen-tearing. Didn't hear any complaints about loading times either. Last Remnant could learn a thing or two. Or three or five or ten.

shadowghost7523477d ago

I managed to find a copy of Valkyria Chronicles, it is fantastic. If White Knight is the same in terms of quality it will be a first day buy.

This is coming from some one who has only played the following rpgs

- Oblivion

That is it, i might have found a new genre i like here

Chris3993477d ago

Wow! Well, you need to play Folklore for sure. That is a really terrific game regardless of what the reviews say (they were mixed, but IGN seemed to like it). There's a demo on the PSN store for you to check out. Eternal Sonata is also worth a look, and it is a great port; has actually been upgraded - graphically, content-wise. Disgaea 3 is fun, but looks like a slightly higher res PS2 game (nice flashy effects though). Oh and X-Edge comes out in a bit (March, I think), which is a pretty slick 2d/3d JRPG.

If you're luck enough to have a backwards-compatible PS3, then there's a whole list of PS2 RPGs that you may or may not have touched as well.


P.S. Steer clear of "Enchanted Arms", or you might taint your JRPG taste altogether :)

shadowghost7523477d ago

I did enjoy the folklore demo, a lot and it is very cheap now so i may have to get it, i do have a backwards compatible ps3 but i wouldnt know were to start, i know that the ps2 has a huge backlog of quality games.

I am more of a driving game fan than any other genre. It may seem wierd but i love driving games and games with good stories ( an odd match), the rpg route may give me my fix of story games until Heavy Rain is released

Chris3993477d ago

Off the top of my head, I'd recommend, two Level 5 works - Dragon Quest VIII and Rogue Galaxy. From Square-Enix (back when they seemed to be good, they have lost a bit of their edge this gen), there is FF XIII (mature, political story-line, some people didn't like it), and Valkyrie Profile 2 (amazing game). Oh, and Persona 4 is out now, which will suck up basically all of your free time.

A few of the aforementioned games support progressive scan too, so they scale really well on HD tvs.

Hope that helps! Happy Gaming!

- C

TheTwelve3476d ago

Agreed. Level 5 has always made me happy, even back in the day with Dark Cloud. They are a good group of developers with heart and talent and deserve some serious props. Day 1 for sure...the game I'm looking forward to the MOST in 2009 right now. Yes, even more than Killzone 2.


DragonWarrior465343476d ago

Dude, you only played oblivion? You dont even know what you have missed out on do you? You should try out The Grandia series, FFX, FF7, Summoner part 1, Dragon Warrior 8, Morrowind(xbox), God of War series(has lots of rpg elements), Legend of Zelda Ornica of time and Majoras mask, Dragon WArrior 4-5, FF1-4, XenoGears, and ChronoTrigger. You can get most of the games I mentioned on the computer for free. Just get some emulators.

VampHuntD3476d ago

I have this game and haven't unwrapped it yet. I was actually considering returning it for a preorder on KZ2. Everytime I start to consider that option though, I hear yet more priase for the game. I really need to finish up Prince of Persia so I can get into the 4 or so otehr games I want to play (Still need to complete LAIR, Disgaea 3, Folklore, SOCOM needs more play time, World at War is almost platinumed), if 2009 is half as good as 2008 was for games I'll be happy, if it's better I will be broke. And it's shaping up to better with KZ2 and WKC already busting down some doors. I really need to get a better job or start selling drugs to support my gaming habit.

Figboy3476d ago

i'd highly recommend Dark Cloud 2, another Level 5 title. the first Dark Cloud isn't bad either, but it is a first gen PS2 game. it's more in line with a Zelda game than what Level 5 is currently known for, but don't expect the game to be as amazing as a Zelda. it's unique world building mechanics were a nice touch for a 2000 PS2 launch title.

i also highly suggest Rogue Galaxy, FFXII, the Shadow Hearts series, and the Persona series, to name just a few more. the Xenosaga series is good as well. Odin Sphere looks GREAT on a PS3 being upscaled to an HDTV, and is a fun, challenging RPG with unique gameplay.

for starters though, the Level 5 RPGs are great starting out points, as their RPGs tend to be more accessible and not as convoluted gameplay wise as other RPGs. Dragon Quest VIII is great, but it's REALLY hardcore, and was bit too difficult for my tastes.

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Hellsvacancy3477d ago

I didnt know White Knight had online play - its day 1 for me 2

Fishy Fingers3477d ago

16 player in lobby, chatting away and what not, 4 player co-op gameplay.

Hope they don't regiion lock it, but instead give us the choice of region we'd like (US/EU/ Asia) that way if you have friends abroad your still able to play with them and when playing with "unknowns" you can choose your region to make sure there is no language barrier.

thereapersson3476d ago

If this were on the 360, it'd be more like "Zero-Day"... ;)

ultimolu3476d ago

Lol, you guys are silly. :P

Ghoul3476d ago

day 1 -3 days (my gamestore gets it early) YEAH

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pp3477d ago

I guess they have no choice since it flopped in japan they have make their money somehow.

Sibs3476d ago

Yep, 132 THOUSAND in the first day in Japan is definitely a flop... not to mention 203k the first week.

I know sales don't mean everything, but if people like pp can spew sales numbers like they mean something, why not me?

kewlkat0073477d ago

What's significant about that statement....was there a doubt?

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