Ubi readies new Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six

From CVG: Ubisoft is to reveal new instalments in the acclaimed Tom Clancy shooting franchises, Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six this year, sources have told the site.

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darkequitus3513d ago

New R6? I'm booked :)


WANNA GET HIGH3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Man i love ghost reckon games... :)

AAACE53513d ago

I've been waiting for a new Rainbow! My friends list ain't been the same since vegas 1. Hell, we all met with that game. V 2 wasn't as much fun, so we got even further apart.

I hope it comes out as soon as possible!

iNcRiMiNaTi3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

so many countless hours at night play rb6v, calypso casino attack and defend and LVU campus TDMs.

rb6v2 wasnt is good but didnt have the same impact on me the way the 1st one did. villa is like the new LVU and i was so happy when they had the free map pack that had calypso in it. more attack n defend

ive been waiting for a new rainbow, just hope some of the info isnt true, a new game this christmas? vegas 2 just came out last year, i want them to at least give it another year or something

BattleAxe3513d ago

Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon are 2 of my favorite game franchises, can't wait until the new ones come out.

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kittoo3513d ago

Although I found Vegas brilliant, RV2 was the same....which is not what I want for another installment so I would be a little cautious.

bumnut3513d ago

rainbow 6 games used to be realistic, how many special forces guys take on a helicopter gun ship with a rifle in real life?

if there are not major improvements i will not be buying this.

ubi need to fix the lobby system too, you need to be able to join mid game.

Ju3513d ago

No expectation for RB6, but I would enjoy another Graw pretty much. Loved Graw2 a lot.

THC CELL3513d ago

good news for rainbow fans

the developers already said they will not work with vegas again

xlx-russ_923513d ago

thank god!!! the 1st vegas was good, but 2nd sucked!

SAiOSiN3513d ago

I never played the GRAW series but I always wanted to try it. This is my chance. Rainbow was brilliant but the graphics were horrible.

Kaneda3513d ago

I like the 1st Ghost Recon better than GRAW.. I hate those red diamonds target box! annoying as hell

Fishy Fingers3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Don't hate me, but I detest both of those games, in all their iterations. Not sure why, just can't seem to enjoy them. Friends are all avid fans so this will be great news for them. Hopefully the new installments will change my opinions, I want to like them, I really do.

InMyOpinion3513d ago

I loved both of them (RB6 1&2) but if they are about to release Rainbow Six Vegas 3 I won't give them my money.

Ghost Recon might be something completely different. Didn't sound like they're making GRAW 3.

Fishy Fingers3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

There's a lot of cool stuff in there, the customization (putting your face on the dude was funny as hell), terrorist hunts with friends etc. I just don't get on with them, but that's the previous games, who knows, I won't write them off yet but unless there are some changes to the formula then I don't see myself getting either.

So many great games this year, it's nice to be able to be selective over the games you buy. Something for everyone out there right now, these historically just ain't for me.

beavis4play3513d ago

i sure they're both competent gaming experiences;, but, i never found any interest in either series.

MegaMohsi3513d ago


After R6V2, Ubi stated they were done with Vegas, so the change in locale and enivronment should be awesome

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