Which Xbox 360 Games Could Flop in 2009? writes:

"The Xbox 360 continues to extend its sales lead over the competing Playstation 3, thanks to an outstanding lineup of games and new online services. But as we saw this past year with Wii Music, sometimes even the strongest athlete can take a false step and trip up.

Perhaps the biggest letdown on the Xbox 360 in 2008 was Too Human, which failed to deliver the fun despite being heavily hyped by its developer, Silicon Knights. As Microsoft and third party developers try to wow us with hot new games for the console in the coming year, which ones are at risk of leaving us disappointed? We present three titles that have made out "watch list" of potential flops heading into 2009."

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clinker3357d ago

I agree with Halo Wars, I just don't see RTS being a huge hit on the console.

mint royale3357d ago

whether it will be a good game is still to be determined.

Cajun Chicken3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

It will be sold, but it will predictably be traded a lot in the first week.

IzKyD13313357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

"ZOMG! Halo Wars! A new Halo game!"
*after making his mom buy it and popping in the game*
"This isn't Halo! Where are the guns! This is one of those ghey strategy games"

*returns it*

I predict 40% of all Halo Wars sales will be like this

gaffyh3357d ago

@IzKyD1331 - one thing wrong with what you said, "returns it" should be "trades it in" cos you can't return an opened game (when I've tried). So when the game get's traded in, the sales still count up.

disrupt3r3357d ago

In Australia at EB Games, theres a 7 day money back guarantee on all games. Even if you buy and finish it, you can return and get a full refund/exchange.

Cajun Chicken3357d ago

If you have a receipt, no questions asked, technically not counted as a sale.

urban bohemian3357d ago

But recently game and gamestation stopped this as people were just using them as rental services. I remember buying and completing the darkness and returning it the same week and getting a new game. Shame its stopped!

JeffGUNZ3357d ago

haha, wait, I am pretty sure about 2 years ago they identified exactly what the plot was for this game. What an awful article. Halo Wars won't be a flop, it is just going to be an all around awful game. What's next for Halo, "Halo Pinata"? Come on Halo, your reign is over.

mpmaley3357d ago

Halo Wars will not flop.

The advertising they're doing for it shows NO GAMEPLAY. If they keep this up non forum users / internet users will just think it's another Halo without M.C.

Darkseider3356d ago

I don't know if you realize that not only is it Halo without Master Chief it is Halo without FPS. This is a RTS (Real Time Strategy) game NOT a FPS. This is where the problem is going to be with younger kids. They are going to see "HALO" and essentially it is HALO without the HALO they are expecting.

No Way3356d ago

Halo was originally meant to be a RTS so I think it will work rather well, besides, it's being developed by one of the best RTS developers, Ensemble.

So, I'm betting the game will be rather good.

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pp3357d ago

That's a stupid Question since when has a Xbox360 game ever Flopped. Now if we were talking of ps3 i could name quite a few.

LeonSKennedy4Life3357d ago

Blue Dragon?
Lost Odyssey?
Last Remnant?
Too Human?
Bomber-man: Act Zero?
Kameo: Elements of Power?

Should I keep going?

Honestly, PP, how old are you?

Cajun Chicken3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Has to be one of the worst games on consoles of all time not to mention a hell of an insult to the long running franchise.

Thats what happens when you 'space marine-cyborg' everything up.

TheOutsider3357d ago

Hey leon, I thought those where their great games? not flopped ones? oh well they always will suck! ha ha ha ha

Magic_The_Celt3356d ago

Go on then pp

you list PS3 flops of 08 and il show you the flop list of 360

oh wait scratch that.. you cant reply mr 1 hit bubble LMFAO

BLUR1113356d ago

Looking at most PS3 software sells I would not be talking sony fans.

Graphics Whore3356d ago

What is the correlation between sales and quality? If something sells good does it mean it's better? No, of course not.

ReTarDedFisHy3356d ago (Edited 3356d ago )

It's the only thing left in their arsenal; they can now only talk about sales. They don't care if a game receives a meta of 110 and is the best game of the century, if it doesn't sell well, they seriously won't care. Sales is everything to them now, it's all they have left to reason why the 360 is better (which is a pretty freakin' dumb reason, mind you).

Honestly, I just want to play the best of games, which is the reason I got the PS3. You guys, the Xbots, if you care so much about sales how about buying a Wii? You'd be very happy, I can tell, considering how much you guys love sales. No offense to the Wii owners. That sh*t sells like hotcakes.

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1233603357d ago

not interested in this crap,alan wake pc or rent at best,ms has nothink of interest for me this year may be 2010 unless they have a surprise up there sleeve.they seem to think price of the hardware will help,yes it will but if you aint got the games its worth jack sh*t,they should be bringing exclusive new ips,sony have had a few exclusives flop but it doesn,t stop them bringing new ip,s out year after year,ms seems to think dlc,exspansion packs will be enough this year and for got about exclusives all together,i don,t know about any 360 only users feel but this year is sh* gets my money this year.

Sarcasm3357d ago

"thanks to an outstanding lineup of games and new online services"

Right, price has absolutely nothing to do with it.

clinker3357d ago

Don't people often point out that the Xbox 360 Elite and 80 GB PS3 are basically the same price, feature-for-feature?

dazzalfc3357d ago

...i think spec wise the PS3 does provide better value for money, but the problem is not value for money, but simply initial outlay. I think the majority of parents would not care whether the Ps3 came with all the features it does, they simply look at the cost of both machines, and would prefer to pay £180 for an Xbox 360 Elite instead of £280 on a Playstation 3, regardless of what is better or not. Hence why i hate the talk about sales. Sales does not prove one machine is better than the other, its just one of many factors that help determine the result. Surely the quality of the machine and the games are what define a console to an individual, and not how well it sells?

In regards to these games, i suppose they could. I doubt Halo Wars will dissapoint sales wise, as any title with Halo in it could sell. Whether reviews show it is a good game or not remains to be seen. I don't think RTS games work well on consoles compared to Pc's. For me it feels abit un-natural, in a way that Football Manager on the 360 and PSP just didn't feel right. But we'll see. Any game can flop in any area, whether it be Halo Wars or Killzone 2 or whatever game is released on the Wii.

LeonSKennedy4Life3357d ago

Except the 360 doesn't have:

- Wi-fi
- Internet Browser
- Blu-ray
- Upgradable HDD

How can you really compare the two? Honestly, I think this is getting ridiculous. People can't compare George of the Jungle (One of Brendan Frasier's funniest) to Fight Club (Arguably one of the greatest films/books ever). It's just not possible.

dazzalfc3357d ago

i think you're mis-understanding me in my statement. I am not saying that the Ps3 isnt value for me, for me, its superb value for money, and gives you alot of things that the 360 doesnt. But the majority of people do not know this, or are too ignorant to take this into account when buying a console. We all know to get the best out of the 360 you need extras which push the price up, but the initial price is what present better value for the average joe. Remember, not everybody is a gamer or an electronics freak. A Parent may not know about he hidden costs for online or added wifi etc, but to them, buying a £150 machine is better than paying £280 for one, just becuase of that initial outlay.

Sarcasm3357d ago

To reiterate Dazz, my sister in law bought an xbox360. My girlfriend asked her "why didn't you just get a PS3?"

Her answer? "The 360 is hella cheaper"

Dazz is just right. The initial price is what gets people's attention right away. They don't care about value. They don't care about what games are on it. She doesn't care about Xbox live. She doesn't care about Gears 2. She only cared that it's $199 cheaper than a PS3.

And I would imagine this kind of situation is happening regularly.

creeping judas3357d ago

The unfortunate thing is that probably 80% - 90% of console buyers aren't as hardcore as we are. And they don't care about the value of all the things the PS3 offers.

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ZackFair3357d ago


Tri-ace and Square will realize just how dumb they were, releasing it for the wrong console.

Fans of the series own PS2s and PS3s.

militant073357d ago

what a ***** *****
how can game flop because of console ?

im gona buy it on day 1. its seem good and after 2 flops from tri ace i think it wont be the third.

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