GOA: Ninja Blade Demo Impressions

After recently seeing a couple of videos of Ninja Blade, its prospects looked good. It looked like Ninja Blade was going to be something like an improved version of Ninja Gaiden 2.

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Vojkan3480d ago

LOL did you even read it lol?
Let me help you lazy one:"I felt somewhat disappointed with the demo and don’t see the final product touching Ninja Gaiden 2 in terms of gameplay quality. Sure, the graphics may be better due to the later release, but unless the final version of Ninja Blade is a huge improvement over the demo, I feel that it will fail to impress."

djtek1843480d ago

wow...sounds like its gonna be another average game.

Vojkan3480d ago

Just like most 360 exclusive games are. 360 is outdated, you are going to notice it even more in 09.

Radiodread3480d ago

failed to impress. Hell, Ninja Gaiden 2 was awesome and always will be in my book, but this game seems like it did a very sh!tty job trying to be a clone.