Evolution and WipEout Team to merge under one roof


'Two of the best PlayStation 3 racing game developers are to eventually merge under one roof.

Developer Evolution Studios were purchased by Sony Entertainment in 2007, and have since released a successful sequel to their racing classic MotorStorm.

It's well known that the team shared not only their PlayStation 3 engine but also their knowledge with Sony Studio Liverpool in the creation of WipEout HD. The collaboration resulted in a stunning full-1080p, 60 frames-per-second futuristic racer.

When asked whether the studios would merge completely in the future, Denny replies;

"Yes, it was always the intention with them being in the same geographic location and working so closely together, it would be ideal if they could be housed at some point within the same site, but it's not happening overnight."'

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jkhan3512d ago

Interesting news, how about now they resume the development of Eight Days and Getaway 3.

techie3512d ago

They? That's Sony London...nowhere near Liverpool or Manchester.

Mozilla893512d ago

I expect to hear about their new off road futuristic racer maybe it will be called Wipestorm or Motorout...nah the last one doesn't sound good.

360RRODFIX3512d ago

By "merge" if they think something like Activision/Blizzard than i am fine, but if "merge" means one of developers canceling their studio name and join or the other, or having all new name than i don't like that idea. Studios need to preserve their identity and brand name.

techie3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Merge under same roof - probably on different floors. They will still be very much separate studios producing different games.

"This wouldn't necessarily mean that the teams would collaborate together to create one game. The teams would remain separate, but being under one roof would allow them to more efficiently share resources."

Sarcasm3512d ago

"but being under one roof would allow them to more efficiently share resources."

Which means better games that take advantage of the PS3's hardware!

Marty83703512d ago

Makes perfect sense, also bount too cut costs.

Vagrant_13512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I think it's a good idea for them to merge but be separate named studios. hell maybe they can help get the next motorstorm to run @ 60 fps and 1080p. BTW Deep where you been hiding? I don't see you posting much news anymore?

360RRODFIX3512d ago


I have not seen you in a long time.

techie3512d ago

Would it be rude of me to say I don't remember either of you :/ Have you changed names?

geda3512d ago

wow. i never saw this coming. these dudes know racing, that's for sure.

Chubear3512d ago

the IP rights to Smugglers Run and have these guys work on it. Even as a DLable title, can you imagine what a team like this could do with that IP?

Oh, the online would be sweet. Kinda like a grown up more hardcore & M rated version of Calling all cars I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.