"Mega Artist" Soon to be Announced for Rock Band

Slashgamer Writes: "We have been invited to a special Rock Band 2 event somewhere in San Francisco. These types of things are common - it's a great way for the media to get a hands on preview and talk to the team behind the game. This time around we get to play with some tracks that will be made available soon that has already been announced to the public.

However, while reading the invite, we noticed one thing that was mentioned in the description."

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DragonWarrior465343478d ago

Please tell me its Pantera. If so then Im sold. I bet you it wont be though,,, they will probably say someone like Alice Cooper or something. The people at Activision dont know a thing about good music.

Baka-akaB3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

I dont think Pantera qualifies as MEGA enough . thought not necessarily my taste , i think the term would probably suit the likes of metallica , dylan , ACDC , and those are already there ...

Maybe Queen or U2 ?

Johnny Cullen3478d ago

I know there is two tracks from them already on Rock Band but PLEASE GOD, LET IT HAPPEN!

Unicron3478d ago

I'd like a lil Fuel. Or a lil CLASSIC Metallica.

Graphics Whore3478d ago

It's not about good music it's about who is willing to give their music. Not everyone is thinking about money first.

takedown3478d ago

they already have the licence for the beatles why not their music for rock band as well?

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