Bomberman 2 Release Date Announced

Bomberman 2 marks the welcome return of Hudson Soft's evergreen bomb-toting hero and will sees the popular franchise undergoing a visual make-over and a wealth of new elements to the gameplay. While the familiar basis of laying bombs to eradicate patrolling foes remains intact, Hudson Soft has expanded it across a more open format, creating a deeper title that maintains the addictive nature the series is famed for.

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Arsenal4Ever3511d ago

This isn't the type of bomberman I was looking foward to. I want Bomberman Ultra for PSN or a new Bomberman Live for Live.

RememberThe3573511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Thats too bad...

hitthegspot3511d ago

I hope the game play is more creative than the name...

Cheeseknight283510d ago

"undergoing a visual make-over"

Not again!