Ninja Blade Euro release 'Q1 2009', says Microsoft

VG247: A Microsoft representative has told that Ninja Blade is down for a Euro "Q1 2009? release and February as previously thought.

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morriss3331d ago

I think it looks alright, myself. Need to try a demo first.

chewy3173331d ago

why does the 360 always have a ninja game to counter the AAA titles from ps3... =0 ??!!

Bladestar3331d ago

What Ninja games? Because this generation (3 years) I can only think off 1 Ninja game.... not counting Kungfu panda and other cartoon related games... Are you referring to Ninja Gaiden?

How does Ninja Gaiden compete with any AAA title on the PS3? The PS3 does not even have a Ninja game.

Ohh I get it... you are talking about Kill Zone 2!? uhh No... I don't think Microsoft really have to do much to complete against Kill Zone 2... I think COD Modern Combat 2 will do more of the competing against Kill Zone 2 since they are under the same category.

pp3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Awesome can't wait to chop chop chop.

Shut the F*ck up and get out of the Xbox360 post.

360RRODFIX3331d ago

I thought you xbots don't play QTE event games? You don't want to watch "movies", you want to "play". Hahaha what a bunch of hypocrites fools!
Ninja Blade from Software! LOL Name is God awful

Fishy Fingers3331d ago

LOL.... funnist thing Ive read on N4G ever. PP, your such a hypocrite...

"Shut the F*ck up and get out of the Xbox360 post. "

How do you have any right to say that when the majority of your posts are fouynd in PS3 threads?

1233603331d ago

i,m passing on this, already got stung on another ninja and killzone is out feb with socom as well i hope

Fishy Fingers3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Played the demo, enjoyable enough, bit of a mix of DMC and Ninja Gaiden, just with a slightly more cinematic twist. I doubt I buy it at launch but if I see a cheap copy shortly after, I'll certainly be tempted.

Not much on the exclusive 360 front in Q1 that I'm aware of. That alone should mean quite a few people pick this up. But SFIV and RES 5 are probably more attractive to most.

InMyOpinion3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

The multiplats more than make up for the exclusives imo. Just like they did in 2008. MS also have Stoked coming out in Q1. I read a pretty interesting preview on it saying the controls were a bit like those in Skate, and that it was more like a simulator and less like SSX.

Don't see any exclusives competing with Killzone 2 though.

Fishy Fingers3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

yeah, in no way does the lack of exclusives mean a lack of quality games in the Q1. Like you said, there are more than enough great multiplats to keep you busy.
Stoked, that's a new one on me, I'll check that out.

Props for recognizing that KZ2 will be a big title too, not may 360 fans would openly admit to that. +1 bro.

InMyOpinion3330d ago

Q1 is definately more exciting for PS3 owners, having both Killzone 2 and also all the multiplats. I'm not trying to deny that in any way.

Can't wait to see what reviewers have to say about Killzone 2...and Skate 2 of course(one of my favorites for Q1) :p

thereapersson3330d ago

Jenzo has his console preference (as do we all), but he's not afraid to recognize a good game when he sees it.

InMyOpinion3330d ago

Not when I'm talking to reasonable people like yourselves, but sometimes it's fun to wind up the fanatics by writing something really silly about a game they worship =)

Pixel_Addict3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

That makes absolutely no sense. How does sharing titles on a competing platform "making up" for the lack of 360 exclusives? PS3 owners will have those same multi-platform games PLUS several exclusive titles for the PS3. Basicly the PS3 is offering exclusive titles with the visual prowess the critics doubted. Suddenly there is that argument "graphics isn't everything", but that didn't stop 360 fanatics bragging about how multi-platform games "looked better". Now that that graphics argument is all but destroyed for 360 fanatics... PS3 fantatics can't use it??? Bullsh**! On one month PS3 owners will have the choice between Killzone 2 AND FEAR 2... The PS3 will have all of those multi-platform and then a major line up of exclusives.

InMyOpinion3330d ago

Read my second comment again.

"Q1 is definately more exciting for PS3 owners, having both Killzone 2 and also all the multiplats. I'm not trying to deny that in any way."

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yz2503331d ago

little suspicious of this game. hope it turns out well

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