PSX Extreme: The 3rd Birthday Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Square-Enix heralded it as one of the world's first "cinematic RPGs" (if you own the game, go look at the back of the jewel case), and it quickly became a favorite of gamers around the world. Some will argue that the sequel adopted too much of a Resident Evil feel and lost a lot of that cinematic RPG goodness, but that doesn't mean fans of the original won't be interested in The 3rd Birthday. Even though "Parasite Eve" isn't in the title's name, this is most certainly part of that series; Aya Brea returns as the main character with her unique ability, and we'll embark on yet another adventure within the troubled city of New York. Now, if you're hoping for a return to more of a role-playing foundation, you may be disappointed, but considering Square-Enix's success with Sony's portable unit thus far, you should remain encouraged. At the very least, you can expect one of the more impressive visual handheld feasts to date, as evidenced by early screenshots and that delicious teaser video."

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