Koei: We're sure Warriors Orochi will be developed for PS3 in Europe

It emerged last night that a PlayStation 3 version of Warriors Orochi would be released in Japan on March 12, although no European version was confirmed.

We contacted Koei to see if we could find out about a PS3 version of Warriors Orochi being released in Europe, and a spokesperson told us that; "No definite plans yet but the Warriors Orochi games proved really popular over here so I'm sure it will."

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barom3427d ago

Didn't this come out on PS2?

Keele3427d ago

What's Warriors Orochi again?

MaximusPrime3427d ago

Koei? the one that created the dreadful Fatal Inertia?

Strife Lives3427d ago

They make the same remake crap all the time. . .atleast. .make a new Kessen,but this crap. .just stop it Koei.

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