Toshiba showing off 56-inch Cell-based 4k x 2k HDTV, prototype MIDs

The high performance of the Cell platform bring superb picture quality and networking interactivity to TVs. Demonstrations at CES will include real-time super resolution imaging, using a 56-inch, 4k x 2k pixel panel to display images that the Cell platform upconverts from 1920x1080p to 3840x2160p, and also upconverting of content such as Internet video to high picture quality by application of "Resolution+" technology in combination with newly developed noise reduction technology. In addition, a 55-inch backlit LED panel controlled by the Cell platform will be showcased, and demonstrate high-speed control of all picture parameters, including an innovative local dimming function. Visitors can also see how the Cell TV goes beyond breathtaking image quality to deliver extremely fast and easy operation of networking functions.

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