Are Gamers Scared of Sex?

"Sex saturates most forms of popular culture entertainment – music, film, anime, internet, literature, advertising, TV, theatre – but is curiously absent in games.

Are gamers scared of sex? If you look at the last 20 years of commercially released computer and video games, the only conclusion you can draw is that game players are absolutely terrified of (it). Only a handful of thousands of games have contained sexual content, and when sexuality is occasionally used in games it invariably causes controversy and moral panic." - from gameplayer

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Andor_Trask3392d ago

I completely agree. However I don't think anything will change until "their generation" dies off.

The only thing I worry about with sexual themes in games is that I tend to get distracted lol, i.e. DoA series. Though it really does need to be more accepted in games. It was a shame about fallout 3 though, but still 5 star game none the less.

and that trailer for Bayonetta. I felt a tingling sensation muaha!

GWAVE3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

We live in a pretty messed up society when we worry more about kids seeing sex in the media (in case you hadn't heard, sex is a perfectly legal and natural thing), yet we're totally okay with people watching murder and torture on TV and in movies (which is NOT legal nor natural).

I don't think it is gamers in general, but rather those on the outside (such as worried parents or hard-line moralists) who don't want sex in video games. It's like that hilarious news clip that Fox News had on Mass Effect where (according to them) there was full-blown nudity (when there really wasn't) and people should be horrified by Mass Effect and boycott it.

To many, video games are still "toys", so it's difficult for their narrow minds to grasp the concept that the same kids who were playing with these video game "toys" back in 1988 are now grown adults who are fully capable of viewing adult content in a video game.

f7897903392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Some are demanding more adult content in their games though. I disagree with them because if I wanted to watch porn I would go on my computer. Not play through a couple hours of a game to see a fully nude sex scene. Games are fine where they are at.

Cwalat3392d ago

As soon as i think of sex, or sexy stuff.. i become the horniest motherf****r alive...

so it's not quite suiting for me to see Games becoming more porn friendly... :P

anyways.. if i wanna get rid of my sexy thoughts.. there are tons of other ways to do it. phonecall or two may solve that problem, but games.. uhuh :P

if this article is about "game nerds = not great sex life"
then they need to do some real research...

solsub3392d ago

To be fair, violence is a very natural response spurred by emotional stimuli, albeit still illegal in most forms.

Heldrasil3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )


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Saint Sony3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

I personally hope that someday the games which are rated for adults only, would offer more than just blood and gore. Games could use some spicing up, hehe.

The Witcher was a pretty brave to offer some boobtastic content to gamers. Little things like that brings much more reality into the game world. Sex is everywhere, so why not in games?

It's up to parents to control what their kids play and I rather let my kids to see boobs than exploding head with brain/blood particles.

Sucks2BU3392d ago

kids have just as easy access to movies, books and music with sexually explicit material.

Not to mention sites like youporn, which provide XXX action to anyone who can type.

ChickeyCantor3392d ago do you know about youporn?...I see we have a masterbater master.

Saint Sony3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Games and porn sites cannot be compared. Games are usually mentioned with kids. Kids do play games. Only lately world has started to accept gaming as a family thing and adult thing as well. It is considered entertainment now, which is not related to age that much.

Therefore games and sex are still pretty much a taboo even though everyone is having sex and it is a normal thing. Yet, exploding heads are considered more suitable for kids.

(...and no, I'm not speaking for hardcore sex in games, nah... just some boobs and softer stuff ;) )

Sony PlayStation 33392d ago

Everyone starts out as a "Bator". After multiple outings they achieve the rank of "LieutenantBator". Finally after years of experience they are promoted to the rank of "MasterBator"

f7897903392d ago

Also if kids get the games its the parents fault not the devs.

JD_Shadow3392d ago

You won't believe this (because I couldn't believe that this was printed, either), but conservative columnist Jonah Goldwidth once wrote a column that appeared in a local newspaper here, and he brought YouPorn up, which was printed (forgot the subject he was talking about). I assume that the site is pretty well known now, or was before Jonah said that.

Nugundam00793392d ago

About dat TNA Flicks,Boobtube,redtube,enporn ium,Bang Bro's(Bang Bus is a must see) Big T** round Asses and a number of fine sites where one can enjoy themselves

(this is the actuall list my best friend rattles off whenever the topic of porn is discussed...he is a master...of sorts

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Capt CHAOS3392d ago

That's got plenty of sexual content, and no gamers aren't scared of it. More likely scared that they are not going to get any..

Yi-Long3392d ago

... the sex in GTA was mostly hidden behind windows. Yeah you could get sex in your car, or a nice lap-dance in the strip-club, but it was still pretty 'tame' and kinda censored.

Now, I dont expect, or wish for, hardcore porn in my games. However, in some games, sex & nudity are part of the world they're portraying, and I dont think the camera should turn away from that, just hinting at what's going on with some groaning and moaning.

Yi-Long3392d ago

... and that it cant be dealt with in games in a 'mature' or 'fun' way.

I would have liked GTA4 to have had sexual mini-games, like rythm-button presses like Guitar Hero, or QTE like Shenmue/God of War, to keep your girlfriends satisfiedin the sack. And for those not wanting to play that, just include an option to turn it off.

If the games-industry wants to be taken seriously and make mature content for mature gamers, it still needs to break down a few more barriers. This is one of them.

Narutone663392d ago

have a mini-sex game, but you can't see the action. All you could see is a squirt or two after the deed.

lonestarmt3392d ago

actually yakuza did something just like that. In fact if you miss up then you either finish to quickly or a funy baby picture pops up.

ChickeyCantor3392d ago

It's ok for some countries to have guns near kids, but its all bad to have sex in VG.

Some gamers are scared yes, but that goes for any normal person xD.
(btw how is sex scary? =/...)

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