Limited Edition Black Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive

This dark drive it is a special edition model only given to the development team who worked on the product. But if the Xbox 360 black rumors are true, wouldn't they want to also release the HD DVD player in black for anal retentive home-entertainment-system owners?

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XboxDavey4318d ago

I thought the new xbox came with hd-dvd inside?

Eclipticus4318d ago

it looks spray painted. cheaply done. i doubt its the finished product.
And i cant see MS putting the player inside, not yet anyways. when there is a clear victor in the format war. possibly.

ChickeyCantor4317d ago

arnt they showing how big it is next to the hd-dvd drive?

JasonXE4317d ago

they do the same with the xbox 360 for developers. I wish I had a black xbox 360 hd dvd drive. I like my white one but the black one looks cool and edgy.

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