First screenshots Magna Carta sequel

The Dutch game site publish the first screenshots about Magna Carta sequel. This game will appear only for the Xbox 360 in Japan.

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Tarasque3363d ago

Funny no comments yet, i bet if it said PS3 exclusive it would have already been to 500 degree's.

Rock Bottom3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Isn't that 360 fans fault for not caring about a sequel for a not so awesome Korean RPG, beside, 360 fans like Omiga and Jinzo are too busy trolling Killzone's articles to view the 360 section.

sajj3163363d ago

Don't think these are screens of the game .. just character profiles

pp3363d ago

Awesome i love the word EXCLUSIVE.

KingItachi3362d ago

I played the first one and did not like it, so I'm not looking forward to the second one.

Viper73362d ago

your not the only one..
The first one holds the top place on my "worst games ever played"
Pretty, and pretty good art but man the game was really bad.
- poor and boring battle system
- If some1 thinks square makes girliest male characters, they are still far away from Manga carta tears of blood main character.

it was just plain bad.

hopefully sequel is nothing like it, except for the art which was pretty neat.

Rock Bottom3362d ago

It's no Final Fantasy, but it was a good RPG.

Viper73362d ago

Magna carta: tears of blood wasnt a good game. Not even close to Final fantasy.
Poor combat system, framedrops, booring as hell, main character with no balls what so ever (actualy tough he was female untill he spoke), not to mention the worst voice acting in history of humankind.

Rock Bottom3362d ago

It was a first generation PS2 game, the original Korean version was released in 2002, that's why it had so many technical issues.

I said it's not an awesome game, I just happen to play it through to the end.

Also it's not coming to the PS3 so I wont be playing the sequel, and that doesn't bother me at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.