6-year-old takes family car after missing bus

A 6-year-old Virginia boy who missed his bus tried to drive to school in his family's sedan - and crashed. His parents were charged with child endangerment. State police said the boy suffered only minor injuries and authorities drove him to school after he was evaluated at a local hospital for a bump on his head. He arrived shortly after lunch, Sgt. Tom Cunningham said.

The boy told police he learned to drive playing Grand Theft Auto and Monster Truck Jam video games.

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Skerj3357d ago

Oooh I can't wait for the media to jump on this one and someone asks the golden question: "Why was a 6 year old playing Grand Theft Auto in the first place?".

techie3357d ago

Well why was he? Bad parenting.

Yi-Long3357d ago

... and goes straight for the torches.

A 6 year old shouldnt be stealing cars (oranything else for that matter). You'd think parents would teach their kids such simple principles, but I guess they were too busy not caring, not bothering, or spoiling the kid too much.

But yeah, ofcourse GTA4 will be held responsible instead of the parents...
Very sad.

Michael Jackson3357d ago

A six year old does not have any business playing Grand Theft Auto.
He should just instead get inside Mr. Jackson's Auto. Teehee. X)

hay3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

Basically GTA is rated AT LEAST teen so the kiddo shouldn't be playing it, bah, I doubt he should know about the game.

But hey, some games really teach. After playing years ago oldschool Pizza Syndicate I learnt how to make one... To some extent of course...

solidt123357d ago

Well they can't blame the game. It's the parents. The only games my 6 year old is interested in playing is Little Big Planet, Sonic Unleashed, and a bunch of Wii games. He wants to watch me play Fallout 3 but I make him go upstairs when the heads start exploding. He gets a little too excited about that.

Ju3357d ago

I agree here. WhyTF is a 6 year old playing GTA ?? I know some parents don't care (pretending they "didn't know"). Maybe some people need be be educated in common sense.

Elimin83357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

unless there is an X, B, Y, Square or Triangle etc in that car I say boolsheet. GTA does not teach you how to drive let alone steer.... had they said Gran Turismo, that may have passed.

boodybandit3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

That is the first thing I thought 2 seconds after reading the title.
WTF is a 6 year old doing playing any GTA game?

This is wrong on so many levels they are not even worth listing. The bottom line is some people shouldn't breed.

Ghoul3357d ago

call me old fashioned but a 6 year old should do other things then gaming.

Silver3603357d ago

I just want to know how he saw over the dashboard? Or how his feet reached the accelerator, because he had to give it some gas if he passed two cars. And what does he eat at home if he was so anxious to get to school for breakfast? Something fishy about this one.

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ZeVeX3357d ago

Wonder what would happen if this kid got his hands on Manhunt, God Forbid, Monkey See Monkey Do.

SeanScythe3357d ago

Give this kid Ace Combat after that he should be able to fly a real fighter jet. I mean that's how much sence that story makes, according to him the games teach us everything we need to know to be able to do what the game characters do.
I'm going play Mirror's Edge, I need more pratice before I'm ready to jump from roof tops correctly.

SeanScythe3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )

I played the damn game an what did it teach him? How to break a glass and then magicly drive off? I mean the game doesn't teach you to hot wire or change gears. The parents should be arrested for not knowing where their 6 year old is at. I mean what do they do give him an alarm clock to wake up to and make him gets dressed on his own? My god the kids in kindergarden. At 6 I was not able to make myself get ready for anything.

3357d ago
Radiodread3357d ago

parents these days, just don't give a f!ck about what their kids are doing. I really hope this is not the future of our society.

GiantEnemyLobster3357d ago

Those people have failed as parents.

mirroredderorrim3357d ago (Edited 3357d ago )


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