European software and hardware sales (week of January 3rd)

The holiday are over and you can see this in the sales. Everything fall significantly compared with previous weeks.

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Kingsora3510d ago

LBP is still steady, who said it couldn't sell ^^

jaysquared3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

And who said it was going to sell 2 million in its first days? The blind ones!

@Solid- Can't make any excuses about LBP not selling that much.. It had great reviews and the week delay did not hurt it. If the economy was so bad how was Gears 2 able to sell 2 million plus copies in a its first week?

UnSelf3509d ago

I can sense Killzone's Ki on the way

Solidsnakex233509d ago

lol You sure did get them back with that response. It is true tho. I really think that game would've sold more if it weren't for these problems we are going through. You know that "recession" thing we are going through. Every game would have done a lot better.

callahan093509d ago

@ Jaysquared: "It had great reviews and the week delay did not hurt it."

What makes you say the week delay did not hurt it? You've got no evidence to that effect. The game had a momentum going and the delay was controversial and definitely stopped much of that momentum. It certainly didn't help and there's a good chance it really hurt. The game was going to come out a week before a lot of other big-name releases, then it got delayed, which killed its momentum and pushed its launch into the same week that other big-name games were going to be out like Fallout 3. Add on top the fact that in the beginning the game's shipping schedule was still wonky from the recall and a lot of stores didn't even get the game when they were supposed the SECOND time around.

All of it adds up to trouble, but the demand for the game was obviously always there, which is why in the longer run it sold over a million and continues to do very well.

rockleex3509d ago

Funny how people still doubt it even sold over 1 million worldwide. -_-"

The thing is, games like LBP require a huge installed base of casual gamers in order to sell 5 million copies.

Its obvious there are rarely any casual gamers on the PS3. Especially not when it costs $399.

I expect Sony to give the PS3 a price drop to $299 when Eyepet finally comes out. That's the only way to make that game and other "casual" games like LBP sell really well. It's only logical. ^_^

Anyways, I still think LBP will be able to sell over 2-3 million units in a year as it already sold over 1 million.

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DrRage773509d ago

so now Japan is the ONLY region where the ps3 is still outselling the 360....i thought 2008 was the year of the ps3? i know, "wait til next year" lol

Helghast Slayer3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

I'll take a bubble for your close minded stupidity. Considering the 360 had an year head start (in the actions of fear) and now having the cheapest console on then market, those numbers are very disappointing.

Microsoft has played all their big cards and are still straggling to do ps2 numbers. Sony has a whole bunch of price cuts and games to announce and when they do believe me you along with your beloved corporation (Microsoft) will look very stupid.


U have a point but why did LBP not move ps3 like people said it would....The truth is LBP will sell well over time but most people just dont want to admit that they expected too much from the game.A game that was hyped as the new mario and youtube of gaming should have moved loads of ps3 and should have sold ALOT more than it has done.I did not buy LBP bcuz its not my type of game.

Too many People just follow the hype machine.!!!

chasuk083509d ago

Noone gives a f*ck, this is getting boring. Oh look the 360 is outselling the PS3, who cares. Its common sense really considering its half the price. Does it even matter ? The PS3 has got some amazing games coming in 2009, so just play the games and stop shouting about sales.

DaTruth3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Can we stop with the damn VGChartz already? Oh, 360 is winning, suddenly VGChartz is a source! After eight months of losing, 360 is finally winning, so we can take these fake numbers and beat PS3 owners over the head with them every week.
Microsoft says they sold 28 mil; "Look it's true VGChartz says so", now it's gospel. After months of VGChartz being relegated to obscurity; 360 starts winning and suddenly it's back again. 360 fanboys saying now we PS3 owners don't like VGChartz, we didn't like it before, that's why it wasn't on the site anymore. More like, MS says they beat Sony by 8 mil, look VGChartz says it, now we know MS is lying.

cmrbe3509d ago

yeah. That is DaTruth.

PS3 fans didn't bother about VG when they claim that the PS3 was beating the x360 because we all knew that its BS.

Now we know that x360 fans are the ones that believe in these imaginary figures.

PirateThom3509d ago

I've tried to be civil with VGChartz in the past, but I think some truths need to be mentioned

1. They make up numbers and always have done, often overtracking/undertracking seemingly on a whim
2. VGChartz started off as a legitimate tracker, but when they realised anyone could do that, they started getting unsourced numbers before anyone else, including countries where there is no weekly numbers (US, Europe)
3. They eat babies

Solidsnakex233509d ago

LOL at number 3. And for all the fanboys... These numbers shouldn't matter to ANYBODY other than the developers of that specific game or gaming system. Believe me... there is life BEYOND the internet and fanboiism, go out and enjoy it!!!

sak5003509d ago

Jeezus you sony lovers amaze me with your selective memory.

In the above all estimates for sony family were higher than their actuals by VG charts. You can only see one side of every news, it has to either be loving sony or hating 360.


Ur contradicting ur self.The truth is when the 360 beats the ps3 ps3 fan boys say its vgc charts so dont listen but when the ps3 beats the 360 360fanboys say the same thing.In Other words both sets of fan boys are just hyprocites.....

Death3509d ago

They make their numbers up on the fly. It amazes me that anyone actuaky believe what that site posts. One of the biggest sites on the net that exists to spread mis-information in my opinion.


p.s. and they really do eat babies.

mint royale3509d ago

We all know they are estimations and could be out. However if you look at their numbers combared to what the big 3 say they should be they are quite accurate. If they are not they are adjusted. Simple. Its a free resource comparing sales. Its not like they are charging like NPD. If I paid for the information that turned out to be wrong then I would be pissed. If your not interested in sales or don't believe them then just ignore them. Simple. But if you interested in sales it is the best free resource we have available on the net. Unless anyone wants to pay NPD $20,000 for some more accurate numbers?

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ICUP3509d ago

VGChartz FTL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gololo3509d ago

its very interesting that 2 PS2 games made it there (PES09 and FIFA09) and both are Football games!!!! Football FTW (that shows that there are lots of PS2 fans potentially waiting to upgrade to next gen consoles)

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