Sony's Limited Edition Resident Evil 5 PS3

Siliconera reports: "Sony isn't going to be left out of the Resident Evil 5 bundle club. The same day Microsoft's Xbox 360 package hits stores Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be ready with a Resident Evil 5 bundle of their own.

You don't get any extra goodies in this package just an 80GB PlayStation 3, two Dualshock 3 controllers, and Biohazard 5 for 48,980 yen ($525). Not the limited edition version of Biohazard 5 with a soundtrack CD, just the vanilla game. The console itself is the special item since it's designed with a Biohazard logo and the words "Biohazard" over the disc slot. No word on how limited this is, but it doesn't look nearly as good as Sega's Rising Dragon PS3 which comes out a week earlier."

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yoghurt3509d ago

"You don't get any extra goodies in this package"

Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't an extra wireless dual shock controller and a limited edition designed PS3 'extra goodies'...?

HDgamer3509d ago

I'm pretty sure that's the extra goodies. Could be sarcasm.

SL1M DADDY3509d ago

Rather than actually sounding excited for some cool new "goodies", websites these days have to play down the excitement so they sound like all the rest in an effort to be more negative about Sony... Or so it would seem these days.

Fishy Fingers3509d ago

Nice, I find some of the special editions of consoles far to garish but this one I really like, simple matt against the gloss. Nice.

RememberThe3573509d ago

I think I prefer Rising Dragon PS3 more. The dragons look so freakin cool.

pp3509d ago

What's the Point of this Bundle it won't sell give up if you haven't noticed Xbox360 Bundle looks better and will sell.

Fishy Fingers3509d ago

Isn't the 360 bundle just the standard boring old white console with the game? I doubt that will out sell this bundle in Japan (where they're releasing).

360RRODFIX3509d ago

and generic "faceplate" that looks like it is some rejected part from the body (360). Perfect for 5 year old to change their "faceplate" once in a while.
Hahaha perfect for Penis-Penis

360RRODFIX3509d ago

Great! Not every bundle need to be awesome like Yakuza 3 one, but this will keep on hardwaere sales very high.

Sarcasm3509d ago

Either way, capcom wins

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The story is too old to be commented.