PS3 Will Be at Its Best in 2009, Says Sony

The console war is full of very tough three-way battles between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, but in 2008, the sales charts showed the winners and losers. Needless to say, the Wii enjoyed the same huge popularity, the Xbox 360 became very attractive to users, thanks to its price cut, while the PlayStation 3 failed to live up to the expectations of its producer, Sony, as well as those of a lot of fans.

However, 2009 looks like it might be a very good period for the big black Japanese console, as, along with the fact that Sony will finally break even with the PlayStation 3, a lot of new feature will be implemented in it. This is all part of the new strategy, which focuses on added value than on a lower price for the features the product already has.

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Jok3r3396d ago

As in 2007, as in 2008...Oh Wait... ;D

IF The PS3´s price become $299 I think for sure the PS3 will sell equally or more than 360...

NewZealander3396d ago

i agree all the ps3 really needs is a decent price cut, but in saying that so does the wii, i cant believe you can get a 360 for cheaper.

the games for 2009 look great on ps3 but with a slash in price sony just may see the boost in sales that they have been waiting for.

Kill Crow3396d ago

PS3 Will Be at Its Best in 2007
PS3 Will Be at Its Best in 2008
PS3 Will Be at Its Best in 2009
PS3 Will Be at Its Best in 2010
PS3 Will Be at Its Best in 2011
PS3 Will Be at Its Best in 2012
.... you know the rest

Foliage3396d ago

You're right Kill Crow, the PS3 does continue to get better every year.

WANNA GET HIGH3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

U know what that means.Seems like they are finaly going to do what every one has been praying for and that is cut the price.A £250 ps3 with god of war 3 or GT5(IF IT COMES OUT THIS YEAR) bundle will sell like crack.

kewlkat0073396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

... it's a no-brainer

interrergator3396d ago

this time theyre puttin there guns out

Mr_Bun3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

The PS3 has been constantly improving since its launch. 2008 was an amazing year for PS3 fans and there is no reason to believe that 2009 won't follow suit.

panasonic233396d ago

didn't they say 08 lol now it 09 ahahhahhahahahhahahahash

Pennywise3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

PS3 received awards for best software lineup of '08. The problem with this site is so called "Gamers" like you think console sales matter. Hate to break it to you, but it is the games that matter.

Almost forgot to mention PS3 exclusives taking GOTY all over the place.

3396d ago
die_fiend3396d ago

People like him think console sales matter? Y do you think pretty much all developers are making games for nintendo's platforms? hmmm, must be to with their rivals games...or perhaps it's the huge install bases of both their consoles? Probably the latter (definitely actually)
Y did Capcom + Rockstar + Namco + Square all decide to bring their games to 360? Install base again? Me think so... Y release these games to 15 mill (roughly at the time) when you could bring them about 35 mill? Let me guess, Microsoft paid off each and every one of these, yeah right...proof?

3396d ago
Pennywise3396d ago

Shane Kim - Funniest thing I have read on this site in a long time. /bubbles.

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Firstkn1ghT3396d ago

I thought Sony said 2008 was the year??? Funny, MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2, Socom, etc... didn't even create a dent in the over all lead of the 360 and now they expect 2009 to be the best? LMAO.

Sheddi3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

I thought it was the Sony Fanboys who said that and not Sony?
360 didnt bring sh*t in 08, except Gears 2 with lousy mp.
EDIT: ohhh sorry I thought u were talking about games and not sales, sorry my bad. Well u see im a gamer, I really dont care about sales.
And the Wii is still winning when it comes to sales so, Wii owned u there i guess.

dazzalfc3396d ago

...considering, before the 360 cut its price before the holiday period kicked in, that the PS3 was selling at a faster rate than the 360, i'd say that those games did have some effect, just not as big as the effect having a price drop was, which is what the majority of people wait on, alot more than a specific game releasing.

Gameswise it was a very good year for the Playstation 3, and while its sales were behind the 360's, it still sold remarkably well considering the difficulties from a pricing perspective.

2009 should prove to be just as good a year, with more top games to come along with continued updates of system firmware and for those that don't own a PS3 yet, a price drop.

Should be a good year all round, as long as the finincial crisis does not worsen globally.

shadowghost7523396d ago

Here is the fanboy before evryone else arrives, get lost first knight, go troll on other websites

Jdoki3396d ago

Considering I loved MGS4, LBP, Resistance 2, and Motorstorm 2 I can safely say it was the year of Sony.

Those titles, and others such as WipEout and many other PSN and multi-plat titles made my PS3 gaming much sweeter than my 360 gaming.

Fable 2 was fantastic but flawed, and not a huge improvement on Fable 1. I'm just finishing off Gears 2, but have found that although it is probably the best looking game I have ever played it is actually a bit boring.

At the moment I am more interested in the PS3 line-up for 2009; but I'm sure MS still has a few unnanounced games up it's sleeve (I hope).

Raoh3396d ago

actually it did great in 2008. for most of 2008 sony was beating the 360.

two things went wrong. recession and 360 price cut.

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