Metro 2033 for Xbox 360: BioShock and Left4Dead's Younger Sibling

A new game to pop up recently on the OXCGN Radar Trap is Russian developer A4-Game's Metro 2033: The Last Refuge. Set in or around the year 2012, in the bowels and subterranean subway system under the Russian city of Moscow.

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Dmitry Orlov3483d ago

Well the graphics could look nice, but the book (which this game is based on) was so-so.
It was partically shown to public on Igromir '08 (russian analog of E3) and it was more like DOOM 3.

XboxOZ3603483d ago

if you check the two vids out, the one at the end is the first one published in 2006 at the GC . . .then see the latest Alpha-Footage, you'll see w HUGE leap in quality and many new sections and gameplay additions.

It does look rather nice, although, having seen the images as larges a full rez 3500 wide, there is a few 'issues, but as it is pointed out, these are Pre-Alpha screens, not even beta screens.

I'd give it the thumbs-up as a game with potential, especially since it's from A4-Games, makers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow Of Chernobyl . . .

TheIneffableBob3483d ago

A4-Games did not make S.T.A.L.K.E.R. GSC Game World are the developers of that series.

Graphics Whore3483d ago

What what what? A4 Did not make S.t.a.l.k.e.r.

Xi3483d ago

they made the engine that stalker runs on. This game was originally featured as a techdemo for the engine.

XboxOZ3603483d ago

To those reportingthis as "old" . ..

The game is for PC, 360 and PS3 . . . check the website out (the developers website). There's a link in the article, is not, go here now . . .

The First early footage was in fact from 2006's GC . .not 2007, so get your facts right if you're going to "report" something.
The NEW footage is NEW Alpha-footage, and released only recently by A4-Games to show the DIFFERENCES in the two lots of footage . . you did view BOTH side by side didn't you . .no, didn't think so.

The news is "current" about an on-going game which is due out the 4th Quarter of 2009 . . so again, check your facts before "reporting" something The news warrants inclusion, and it is NOT a PS3/PC exclusive, it's available on all 3.

InMyOpinion3483d ago

Then you should post it as multi, not 360 only.

SickNick853483d ago

there is no mentio on the developer site...and no annunce of 360 version was made....actually is pc/Ps3 ONLY and so this is a FAKE news

XboxOZ3603483d ago

Well it's appeared on several other major sites as a PS3, PC and 360 title, with the most recent news coming out mid-late Dec 08.

Plus it's not the first time any dev studio has not mentioned its full involvement with a game being developed and not mentioned all platforms, cough Assassin's Creed cough. Ubi and Epic have done it several times, as have many others, only to at the last minute say. Oh yeah, and btw, it's also coming out on the (whatever platform), did we forget to mention that . . oppss sorry . .

I could name a line up of games that developers have stated one thing, then delivered the opposite come release time. The main thing of platforms will be determined by the PUBLSIHER more than anything else. And right now, nothing is known of the publisher, if in fact they have one at the moment.

pixelsword3482d ago

When it went to gametrailers.

The problem was "html:Iframe-inf" which means that gametrailers is probably hacked.

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InMyOpinion3483d ago

Don't know why but I have a feeling this game will never see the light of day.

XboxOZ3603483d ago

I did mate, but I wasn't the one that changed the channels . .I posted it as a Tip under PS3, PC and 360 . . . It is scheduled for a 4th Quarter 09 release, and that would fit in with a 3-4 yr production period nicely actually. SO my money is on it coming out.

They have been working on a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R game as well so there's more irons in the fire, but just not mentioned.

InMyOpinion3483d ago

Ah ok. My bad.

If it's from the STALKER developer there is hope. I just came to think of 2 days 2 Vegas, also from a russian developer and it never came out.

XboxOZ3603483d ago

WHile I will agree some games just never make the light of day, we have to give the developers kudos for giving it a shot in the first place.

Plus many a game has gone 'quite' for a few years, only to pop back up ion the grid just several months prior to release, and been a smash. We need to start looking outside our own four walls and seeing what "could" be, rather than what isn't there, even in early builds of games.

Otherwise we'll be the ones suffering in a few years, when there's just a hand full of major developers owned by a handful of publishers . . we won't have much innovation then, that's for sure.

Gorgon3483d ago

The STALKER devs are GSC Game World. No connection whatsoever to these devs.

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pp3483d ago

Looks Awesome and to top it up it's EXCLUSIVE. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

XboxOZ3603483d ago

Various sources have it coming out as Multiplatform . . . PS3, PC and 360. Games Radar has it listed also as MP as do several other sites. This is from news that came up in mid to late December 08 . . . not 06. The 'original' vid was first shown at the GDC in 2006, then it was also submitted at GameTrailers and other sites in mid 2007 (June if I'm not mistaken) . . and now a full HD version was released mid to late Dec 08 which clearly shows new screens, new footage, new actual scenes within the game. Better textures and even added footage.

It uses the same Russian voice over, which is fine by me.

After all, the game is made by Russians, being set in Moscow (Russia) and therefore an "American" or "English" voice would be right out of place with the whole game. Even the storyline dictates that it be Russian.

You'll find a Downloadable or readable PDF on the site with the whole storyline in it (towards the bottom of the article.

zo6_lover273483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

This game was confirmed for the PC and PS3 a while ago.....

Oh, and it hasn't been confirmed for the 360 yet.
IGN still lists it as only for PC and PS3, but the last time I checked was about 3 days ago, could have changed since then :P

spongeboob3483d ago

According the press release info on the developers website.
Check it out for yourself.

click menu then select press release.

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