Neocrisis : The LOTR:Conquest PSN Demo Impressions

Sega Valkyrian writes "As the demo begins, two options appear. You either check out the single player in which a training mode is available and a multi-player mode which has you playing the demo online against others who also have the online demo. The single player begins playing as the Warrior class. A "British" voice guides you through the tutorials on class change, battles, special attacks, and progress. The attacks of the warrior are typical short-range power attacks. Several light, medium, and heavy attacks are open to chage your attack style against incoming orcs. ire swords can also activate to use more powerful and varied attacks. You can also play as an archer which can do long range shots to take down enemies at a distance. Options appear eventually to switch to fire, poison and multi arrows which have devastating effects on the enemy orcs. The scouts use stealth attacks by cloaking themselves and coming up behind for one-hit kills. Finally the mage class uses spells like firewalls and lightning to kill enemies that are grouped together. The firewall prevents orcs from moving forward to sorround the forces of good and lightning delivers heavy damage from a distance. Overall the classes were well balanced and actually performed specific duties in combat."

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Bazookajoe_833393d ago

But i thought this was gonna be a rpg..

Lonely Hunter3393d ago

it's good game, but not for me even while i'm huge lotr fan

Erich Rhoemer3393d ago

love the way the article says "a british voice guides you"
its bloodly hugo weaving at least acknowledge him fools.

Baba19063393d ago

i hated the voice its so loud and annoying.. =( BUT I ENJOYED THE GAMEPLAY alot. all the classes were really fun.