RPGfan : New DQIX Details Revealed

Chris Winkler writes "Square Enix has revealed some new information regarding its highly anticipated DS title Dragon Quest IX. Not unlike previous series installments, the Level 5-developed title will feature a variety of optional quests. One NPC might ask for a simple errand, while another might ask the player to find a certain piece of treasure or dispose of a particular monster. Players are free to take on multiple quests simultaneously. Moreover, the decision when to complete a questis entirely up to the player."

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PS360WII3395d ago

Nice. Sounds like a lot of optional quests will be added to this title and the better the people like you the sooner the door to the angle land will open :)

Bnet3433395d ago

Thank god I have a DS, but I wanted this to be on a console. Looking forward to it.

PS360WII3395d ago

DQX will be bringing it back to the consoles, but I don't think you're into which console it'll be on :(

True enough on having a DS though! It's a good thing to own for sure ^^