70 Great Game Characters Unmasked

Gameplayer Writes:
Ever since we were told to "Halt!" by the damn, dirty, digitized Nazis in Castle Wolfenstein (Apple II, circa 1981) we've been utterly fascinated by video game voice work.

As the years passed the technology and quality of actors got better and better too, what with Impossible Mission on C64 imploring us to "Stay a while... staaay forever!", Gauntlet in the arcades telling us that our "red wizard needs food... badly", and the sexy, (borderline wet dream inducing) tones of the Test Drive 2: The Duel female announcer.

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Sucks2BU3510d ago

I really enjoyed this article. It is just really cool to see the faces of the actual dudes who voice the characters.

And great to know that Cortana is actually kind of hot!

SlappingOysters3510d ago

I am now considering myself schooled.

Foliage3510d ago

The Marcus Fenix voice actor is also the voice of Bender and a few Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts characters? That's something I didn't know!

Damn, Fred Tatasciore has been in some serious games: GOW, GOW2, GeOW, MGS4, MGS3, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Left4Dead, Assassin's Creed, No More Heroes, Halo 3, and many others.

The Nathan Drake voice is also the voice of Desmond from Assassin's Creed, The Prince from Prince of Persia, Vossler from FF12, Hades from God of War, Raphael fron the Ninja Turtles, and did some work on MGS4, Gears, and Halo 3.

Cool article.