The next generation of HDMI actually adds some welcomed features

Engadget writes: "Every year we stop by and talk to HDMI and every year there's not much new. But finally we are happy to say there are some cool new things coming to the HDMI spec in 2009. Of course it will carry more pixels than the old version and then there is a new smaller connection -- no not that one -- but neither of those really get us excited. The real interesting additions once again fit into the "why wasn't that there before" category. This includes an actual real high speed data Ethernet connection, and we're happy to report that unlike the current data HDMI supports, this isn't in the blanking interval. But that isn't the most interesting feature -- although it might end up being the most, depending on how it's implemented -- the most welcome addition is the audio return channel."

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PoSTedUP3425d ago

cool cool. i just bought a phillips, its better than my old one. cant wait to test this baby out.

moja3425d ago (Edited 3425d ago )

It would be nice if we didn't have to buy new cables, but hopefully sites like Monoprice will keep it low-cost.

I wonder if they could build an Ethernet-like interface and updated protocol stack for ease of networking/splitting.