Diehard GameFAN'S 2008 Gaming Awards

Now that 2008 is officially done and over with, it's time to reveal the winners of Diehard GameFAN's 2008 Gaming Awards. Like all awards, there are those that will most likely agree, those that will most likely disagree, and those that will display an amazing lack of maturity and respect for opinions other than their own.

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L Ronald Hubbard3421d ago

That was... a litte... unexpected... -_-a

Not a bad choice for GOTY.

ikiru33853421d ago

WOW. Finally a video game website/review company that has the balls to announce a high quality game outside the norm as its GOTY. Awesome game, fully deserves this award. Good job Diehard GameFAN!

Lucario3420d ago

Go Diehard GameFAN.

It's nice to see Valkyria Chronicles, Endless Ocean, The Lost Crown, and Metal Slug 7 get the respect they deserver. I've long since stopped trust sites like IGN, 1UP, and Gamespy simply because of the openly biased attitude they have towards games before they even review them. Game Informer's even worse after their confession that they only review games they think will be good instead of stepping outside the box and trying new things.