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Sony PlayStation 33512d ago

Day one baby... actually better yet, MIDNIGHT LAUNCH!

Breakfast3512d ago

...which would still be day one.

TheExecutive3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Check out the lighting at the end when their backs are against the wall...



Holy sh*t this looks amazing on my 61". Even if it is a file downloaded from an IGN capture... fvck me.

Sheddi3512d ago

I dont know why breakfast got disagrees because he is right :P

Sarcasm3512d ago


OMFG, I should have stuck to my Killzone 2 media black out lol. The last 15 seconds was F'in amazing! This is something you all should see the first time you play the game. DAMN IT, why I couldn't help myself.

F' the Haters, Killzone 2 is as AAA as it gets! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH man that was awesome.

chewy3173511d ago

Youtube stream HD link on 2nd alt link.

I heard ppl saying that the videos are not complete, some body edited out some parts in these videos apparently. There should be more in the original from ign.

Panthers3511d ago

Breakfast got disagrees because he forgot this


GrandTheftZamboni3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I'd recommend putting "/SARCASM, PEOPLE!!!"

Sony PlayStation 33511d ago

Midnight Launch makes it seem as if the game comes out 1 day earlier. TECHNICALLY it is indeed the official release date, but since you don't go to sleep and wake-up the next day it seems as if you got the game a day earlier.

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Breakfast3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

- Graphics are amazing
- AI is as dumb as a fox/on easy settings, whatever you believe
- Person playing it, is absolutely horrible at video games <--- always

Its always the same conclusion lol.

Killzone: The xbot converter

TheColbertinator3512d ago

Looks like you need some bubbles,breakfast.

Here you go

Sony PlayStation 33512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )


"Dumb as a fox"


The phrase is "Dumb as ROCKS"!

There's the phrase "SLY as a fox" but that clearly does not pertain to you!

OMFG that's hilarious! How ironic; someone calling something dumb, and being a dumb*** in the process! I'm putting that in my bio!

CryofSilence3512d ago

I thought foxes were clever animals. >.>

3512d ago
HDgamer3512d ago

Hmm can you even prove your statement or are you just full of air breakfast care to reply back. Oh you can't.

silverchode3512d ago

he used the forbidden word, i demand he gets ban to the open zone. :)

Sarcasm3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

I agree with breakfast that the videos of people who play Killzone 2 just suck at games.

I wish there was a video of a competent FPS player to show how Killzone 2 is meant to be played.

Jinxstar3511d ago

For any of you who may be new here. Breakfast is all jokes. He just likes getting to people. Take everything he says with a grain of salt =D

pansenbaer3511d ago

Normally I can't stand Breakfast. Also I am super hyped for this game and no it will not disappoint. But he's right about the video. They are always the same. The person sucks at it and dear God I hope its on easy.

Ju3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

As long as "AI is dumb [...] on easy or w/e" and "person playing is a noob" does not lead to negative points in reviews, I am OK with it. LOL.

BTW, breakfast, are you converting, or what ? What would that be then ? Dinner ?

One more thing about the AI. I am happy that only the enemy AI is bad when you suck as hell. At least your friends (AI) take these guys out for you, then.

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Mr Tretton3512d ago

It's nothing 'new' you haven't seen, it's the newer, better looking build.

It's actually a somewhat old vid too from ign insider, someone from NeoGAF was just convinced to be the first to leak it finally

Sarcasm3512d ago

no no no, the last 15-20 seconds is completely NEW. DON'T WATCH IT. Save it for the grace of seeing on your HDTV's for the first time. RESIST!!!