Gamers Temple: The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga - Review

The Gamers Temple: "Much like the PS2 version, the Wii version lacks true 16:9 widescreen support, so you'll always have to deal with two small black lines on the sides of your HDTV if you play with one. The PS2 version has a slight edge here if you own a PS3 since the PS3 can upscale the image for the PS2 version to a full widescreen image. This is really nitpicking though considering neither version has a true widescreen display.

If you haven't bought The King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi Saga yet then try and find the Wii version. The PS2 version is still just as good overall really but the Wii version's loading times are more favorable for a gamer that wants more of a true arcade experience. I personally favor the classic controller over a PS2 controller for 2-D fighters as well, but this really depends upon the individual. Either way, pick up either the Wii or PS2 version and leave the PSP version, with its many loading issues, on the shelf to collect dust. This is the ultimate King of Fighters collection and one that an SNK fan or King of Fighters should not be without!

The Good:
+ 5 total KoF's ranging from KoF '94 to KoF '98
+ Challenge mode with many unlockables
+ Overall good emulation
+ Loading times are nonexistent in between matches and only slight in when entering and exiting the main menu

The Bad:
- Slight sound glitch in KoF '98"

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