Neocrisis: Resident Evil 5 Bundle *PS3*

Neocrisis: This bundle is nothing special. It comes with a a copy of Resident Evil 5, an extra wireless controller and the 80GB PS3 has a small design on it. Its priced at 48,980 yen including tax.


Images of the 360 Resident Evil 5 Bundle have been added so people can compair both Bundles and decide which one is better.

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Sony PlayStation 33480d ago

Nice article /sarcasm

Don't bother clicking the link. The whole "article" was the 3 sentences and picture before the link.

MasFlowKiller3480d ago

the 360 bundle is better, it has SO and RE5

y0haN3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

What is SO?

Edit: If you meant soundtrack, I've never seen it spelt that way.

The PS3 in this bundle looks awesome, customized just for "BioHazard" 5!

Aclay3480d ago

I really don't see what makes the 360 bundle that much more special. The only considerable difference is that the 360 version comes with the Deluxe Edition of RE5.

The 360 version comes with a 48 Hour Xbox Live Gold Membership and that's good and all, but the PS3 has Free Online.

For most Japanese gamers waiting to buy RE5, I think they'll mostly go with the PS3 bundle anyways.

I think the design on the PS3 version makes it a little more special because it's not like there are going to be millions and millions of those PS3's made with the Resident Evil design on it. They will probably be produced just for a limited time specifically for this bundle, similar to the Gunmetal 40GB MGS4 PS3 bundles.

For die-hard Resident Evil fans, I think the design on the PS3 is enough to warrant the purchase over the 360 bundle even if it costs more.

AAACE53480d ago

This bundle is guaranteed to move aloooooot of units!

xwabbit3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

PS3 wins in every bundle really... thats my opinion anyways. PS3 Bundle = Blu ray player, Web browser, Free Online, Weather Service, Home, a lot of free DLC, Music and Video streaming soon + all the additional stuff the bundle brings

Le Idiotce3479d ago

So far PS3 has consistently has had better bundles.

GT5 bundle
COD WAW bundle
RE5 bundle
FF13 bundle
Advent Children bundle
LBP bundle

Sony computers internal growth is amazing and eating away market share from its competitors.

The wii is still expanding. The only one losing is, again, the 360.

SL1M DADDY3479d ago

Just a great game, custom console artwork and two Dual SHock 3 Controllers... Nope, nothing special there...


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Nathan Drake3480d ago

So is your website,it's just another irrelevant videogame news site that can not survive without N4G clicks.

It literally has nothing unique that makes it relevant nor memorable to gamers.

xwabbit3480d ago

The PS3 has a custom skin ?.... looks pro :o.... the xbox just looks plain xD

eagle213480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

This bundle is special. It means Capcom loves PS3. We all know when RE5 is released in JP it will outsell 360 5:1. We also know more PS3's than 360's will move with this bundle in JP as well. :)

manga20013480d ago

you do know the RE5 360 bundle has a ton more of stuff to it right. But man fanboys really are extremests lol

ActionBastard3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

A ton more stuff? The addition of the soundtrack to the Arcade bundle is a ton more stuff? LOL. Ok ;)

EDIT: I stand corrected Playstation360, thanks (confused the SO4 bundle with the RE5). The "deluxe" version of RE5 bundled with the 360 contains the soundtrack too. That and it's in a tin, where the PS3 version is in a BD case.

lord_of_balrogs3480d ago

Really? If this bundle is special the 360 bundle version must be the best thing since sliced bread.

PlayStation3603480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

That's overexaggerating.

But they do have the Deluxe version of Biohazard 5 included (Soundtrack/steel-book casing), where as the PS3 version seems to only have the regular version (I might be wrong though).

The 360 bundle is also the 60giger pro, not the arcade (the arcade is the Star Ocean 4 bundle).

The only other stuff they include in the 360 Biohazard 5 bundle is a remote and headset instead of an extra controller like the PS3 bundle.

Edit: I noticed something. On the PS3 version, the game case. It has an icon on the top left corner. This may in fact mean the PS3 version will have the Limited Edition version of Biohazard 5 (making of documentary). But please, do not take my word as absolute. And if y'all are wondering about the 2GB Tricell USB drive, 32-page art book, and BSAA "Waist Pocket" that was to be included with both the PS3/360 limited edition versions of Biohazard 5. It appears that will not be the case for the bundles (the 360 bundle version will not have it either)

PlayStation3603480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I did some checking, and both PS3 versions of the game (the standard and Limited Edition) will include the Making of Documentary. The only difference between the standard and LE is that USB drive, art book, and Waist Pocket. Bummer :/

Ju3480d ago

Hm, the 360 indeed come with more stuff. Cables and such. What else ? And a remote, headset, soundtrack. While the PS3 has a second controller and "+VIDEO" whatever that means.

ActionBastard3479d ago

Don't 60GB 360s already come with a headset and remote? It's just a 60GB 360 with a tin...with a soundtrack.

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flakko3480d ago

i actually like the design on it. i dont know if its worth the xtra money but it gives it a subtle elegance

Bathyj3480d ago

"Whats special, Take you out back and suck your d*ck?" - Mr Blue

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