Windows 7 Should be a Fixta Free For All

ZDNet writes:

"Okay, never mind that I'm a dinosaur with an affinity for 1990's era User Interfaces – I think even my best critics will very likely agree with me that Windows 7, for all of its performance improvements and bling, is essentially one big service deluxe pack for Windows Vista. It's the Windows Vista that customers were promised when they bought "Vista Capable" PC's 3 years ago, and despite the rest of us dinosaurs that are set in our ways about the way we like to work, it's the Windows Vista that even Micosoft's most ardent supporters hoped that would finally replace Windows XP. Windows 7 is the Vista that we were guaranteed would work properly, the first time around."

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Lord Anubis3481d ago

"Let’s face it, Windows 7 is Windows Vista Service Release 2, more than a service pack but less than a major release, with only a few added extra features, or as I am now in the custom of to calling it, Windows Fixta. And since Windows 7 is essentially a performance and usability fix for a defective product, I’m of the increasing opinion that a Windows 7 upgrade should be free to anyone who was conned into buying Windows Vista."

that's what i have been saying all along only the delusional fanboys want to pay for this. What's worst is just that they only worked on a few fixes and unlocked some of the stuff from vista. windows 7 will either perform worst than XP or on par with it because it takes advantages of several cores silicon.

Lord Anubis3480d ago

i forgot to add it would perform the same or worst when running on a single core. What vista was suppose to do is work in parallelism but it doesn't do it job right and that's what 7 worked on.

Ghoul3480d ago

"windows 7 will either perform worst than XP or on par with it because it takes advantages of several cores silicon."

Im definatly no vista or microsoft fan in general but windows 7 outperforms xp and vista in every aspect, as been tested with the latest beta and it should improve even further.

paul-p19883480d ago

or people could just not pay for either Vista or 7 and get a brilliant, free, more stable, infintly more secure OS called Linux Ubuntu....

but i cant see joe public realising that computers can have things on there other than windows anytime soon....

Keele3480d ago

Anoobis doesn't know what the hell he's on about.

hay3480d ago

Windows 7 may be what Vista should be...

Karum3480d ago

But tbh I haven't had any issues with Vista after they released SP1.

Some of the errors I used to get no longer occur, it seems to perform much better for everything I want to do with it. I got Vista Business as a free upgrade from Alienware and decided to try it out, before SP1 it didn't last long because it sucked, gave it another chance after SP1 and am still using it.

Still though I'll not be an early adopter of Windows 7 but reports I've read on the beta have been positive. Hopefully they deliver a universally sound product this time around and maybe a good while after if it akes sense to upgrade to Windows 7 then maybe I will.

red5ive3480d ago

wtf??? i just looked at Windows 7 on Wikipedia... it's almost identical to Mac's Leopard OS! holy crap.