Nintendo Has More Shovelware than MS/Sony Combined

When you go to a game store how often do you find yourself looking at various Wii and DS titles and wondering if you should buy them? There are numerous games released every week for every system and it really is a hard choice to pick up a game you know nothing about. Some even have very alluring box art and sometimes false promises of greatness, but you just aren't really sure what to get out of fear of wasting your money on some type of shovel-ware garbage.

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ChickeyCantor3478d ago

What is that? this article writer thinks his article is Ghey?!

Refilling the glass are we? same sh/t, different amount.

We all know it has sh/tloads of shovelware, but idiots like this one keep focussing on that so much that they keep the image of Wii having no "core"games at all living and alive.

No wonder most n4g members keep saying there are no games for the Wii, these articles keep throwing old sh/t back and forth.

And anyone disagreeing that Wii has no "core" games is no gamer but a plain hater.

Gue13477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

The Wii has core games but they are so few that it feels like it doesn't have any thanks to the huge amount of shovelware. Beside Animal Crossing (yeah, AC FTW!) what other core games are you playing this winter? Because I know I have here Valkyrie Chronicles, R2, Fallout3 and Prince of Persia but what you have for your Wii? Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing FOR THE WIN! YEAH!

ChickeyCantor3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Ey kiddo, because i like the Wii doesn't mean i have no PS3 or 360.
And you are only proving my point. Wii is going to have "core" games wether its now or mid 2009.

The point is people keep focussing on "shovelware" so much that a blind fool like you will say : Animal Crossing.

Yeah whatever floats your boat.
But thanks for proving my point though.
This winter btw?... its 2009 already =). get with the times

heroicjanitor3477d ago

When I go into Game, I look at the wii/ds section and amn't bothered to search through the crap for a good game. It really is more of a problem than you presume. I mean of course I have Zelda/Brawl but nobody knows if the game they are looking at is shovelware or a good game, and since the shovelware is priced so high(full price) nobody is willing to take a chance.

Ratchet_Co3477d ago

Its not just shovelware too, I don't like the Wii's 2nd and 3rd party support. There's just not enough (good) games from 2nd or 3rd parties for the wii. As opposed to the Playstation 3 and Xbox which have great multiplatform titles as well as good exclusives from third party companies.

Powertesties3477d ago

There is no freaking doubt about that. I am not sure if there has ever been such a system with so much trash released on it. For every games that receives a 7.0 (and that is good for the wii) there are 20 other games that are complete crap. Pieces of sh*t that were rushed out the door of companies looking to make a buck on the fast selling console. Many companies think, if it looks like a kid game then adults may buy it for their....Kid! What does the kid know, if he is playing the Wii he has to be young.

You all, if there is something to play on the Wii, let me know. Please.

Mahr3477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

"For every games that receives a 7.0 (and that is good for the wii) there are 20 other games that are complete crap."

Out of 333 games for the Wii listed on Metacritic, currently 118 average scores of 7 or above.

Obviously, they're not listing all games, but if we assume that your ratio of 1:20 is correct, then that means that there are nearly 2500 Wii games out, which seems... high.

But even assuming it is true, does anyone actually *own* over 118 games for one system two years in?

AAACE53476d ago

It's good for Sony that they focused on quality this gen, cause most of those shovel ware games in the past, would have came out on a Playstation console! Now MS and Nintendo have to deal with the crap games.

The Ps3 may have less games than the competition(number wise), but at least a consumer can pretty much buy any game and know it will be decent!

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PS360WII3477d ago

between the 360 and PS3 sure but not the other consoles. I know everyone will disprove of me but while the PS2 had a wealth of grand titles you also had to shuffle through the U-hauls of shovelware as well.

bym051d3476d ago

The PS2 had tons of shovelware. But, the PS2 also had tons of great games.

For quite a while (since N64 days) there have been very few great Nintendo games that weren't developed by 1st or 2nd parties. Now, Nintendo sees the need to make casual games, which gets rid of another source of great games.

Gr813477d ago

The attempt to insinuate something negative, but in all honesty, the market leading console of EVERY generation has held the most shovelware, its a natural occurence actually. PS2 had heaps of it as well, more than the Cube and Xbox combined..And? Did that stop it from becoming the most successful console so far? Nope.

cloudkillerffvii3477d ago

the leading console is going to get the most stuff put on it... and a lot of that stuff is pretty poor. it's just the way things work

EastCoastSB3477d ago

The PS2 has/had a library of core games that craps on the Wii's. It more than makes up for the shovelware that was created for it.

Lumbo3477d ago

sorry to disagree, but the PS2 has only 9% of sub 50% rated games, whereas the Wii has 20%. So for every bad PS2 game created, there are 2 bad Wii games.

Certainly there are more games then the ones counted by metacritic. But that would not move the percentages much.

Little chart to highlight the current problem, it speaks for itself.

jack who3477d ago

wasting your money on some type of shovel-ware garbage. aka teh wii

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