WoW Insider: Around Azeroth: Against all odds

As you prepare for a holiday feast with your family, friends, or fire department, take a moment out of your celebration to pity poor Thrall. He's just finished fighting off five billion demons in the Undercity (as shown in this pic by Ayatai of <Shadow Prophets> on Zuluhed), and now he's all alone for the holidays. Saurfang's off with Mrs. Saurfang. Garrosh Hellscream's partying in Northrend. And Zul'jin's taken his annual trip to the Dancing Troll Village. What's a poor, lonely, orphaned orc to do on Winter Veil? Hmm. Well, Jaina is pretty good at creating portals, and she doesn't have anyone else to visit either, and there's all this mistletoe hanging everywhere ... on second thought, don't pity poor Thrall.

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