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Neocrisis: So far no game this week has received a perfect score.

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Gue13508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Seriously, are these guys on crack or something? =0

I'm a huge fan of Naruto (or may I say addict?), I have every ep of Naruto on my HDD with the mangas, I stay until late at night on Dattebayo's site clicking the refresh button like crazy every Thursday waiting for the newest ep of shippuden and even I a fan thought that the game was pretty boring. Famitsu is so full of **** is incredible. An almost perfect score to a game as flawed as this one.

You can't do anything on the game without the freaking loading screen appearing every time and the mini-games are stupid as hell. You need to complete them several times to get experience and progress in the story. Naruto UNS is just a button masher fighting game that obligates you to run through the freaking city/hub for nothing, just to keep playing stupid mini-games or pick more stupid fights... The game's a mess.

Graphics are the best but the Naruto games on the X360 are a million times better.

sinncross3508d ago

Are you crazy?
It might not be perfect but Naruto on PS3 is a far more entertaining title then Ubisoft's mediocre attempts.

Besides the engine for this game can be utilized in so many ways now. especially with CyberConnect working on an RPG (more likely anime) just imagine how wonderful that will look, and obviously play since they know how to make fun games.

Panthers3508d ago

I played the Naruto demo, and the fighting was so freaking cool. That is exactly what the fighting genre needed, an awesome button masher. I am sick of combos and whatnot. I love frantically hitting buttons and watching cool stuff happen.

I hate games where if you dont hit the right buttons then they dude will throw like 1 punch then stop. then throw another then stop. Like Tekken or the newer Mortal Kombat games

Sarcasm3508d ago

My brother in law has that game and it's pretty good. The graphics are nothing short of amazing.

Doppy3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

@ 1 you're crazy.

The main draw is the fighting for the PS3 version which completely obliterates the 360 version. Where as the 360 version main draw is the story which I agree is better than the PS3's versions, but that's not saying much, because it's mostly mini games too. The loading screens aren't nearly as bad as everyone says there are. I've never waited over 10 sec. to get into any part of the game. And if you've haven't beat the game then you don't have all the characters which is when they game gets really fun.

I've seen the show but I'm not a Naruto fan. But this game is good, and one of the best fighters this gen TO ME. I think they need to do more with the sequel have 3 on 3 battles like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 instead of just calling out your partner(s) to help you (keep that still).

And finally the game didn't get an almost perfect score 35/40 or 8.75/10 which is pretty close to what other major gaming site gave it. I believe IGN gave it an 8.5/10 which is what the game deserves.

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360RRODFIX3508d ago

"Neocrisis: So far no game this week has received a perfect score. " - lol from what i know only some 15 games have recived perfect score from Famitsu. So looking at average, they give perfect score once in 100 weeks LOL what an idiot comment.

NeoBasch3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Saw the screenshot for Devil Survivor, and immediately followed the link. Not that Naruto is bad or anything, but I just really wanted to know how the Shin Megami Tensei series would be on the DS... 9/8/8/8 Not bad. Not bad at all. Consider me sold. Wonder when the North American release date will be announced. For your information, Famitsu gave Persona 3 a 33/40 (same score as Devil Survivor), and Persona 4 a 33/40 as well. Uh, now that I look at it, that's pretty f***ing bizarre. Besides Persona 4 should have definitely been give a 1,000,000,000.375/40. :D