Gamespot: The HotSpot Podcast 01/06/2009

The HotSpot comes out swinging for 2009 with the longest episode yet, far surpassing the surgeon general's daily recommended allowance of inane chatter. Find out all about Nintendo's early '09 lineup, rumors of a new Zelda, why Gears of War 2 wasn't nominated for Gamespot's Game of the Year, and why Metal Gear Solid 4 took home the hardware.

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dwjohnson0112113477d ago (Edited 3477d ago )

Besides saying that GTA4 is being an all together better game but don't even explain why.

And they supposably had a two hour argument(but we don't hear anything other then game x is better then game y. LOL

MGS4 and GTA4 are amazing, but gears of war 2 and dead space are just as good if not better.