Gamecyte: Guitar Hero World Tour Review

Gamecyte Writes:

""Guitar Hero World Tour" suffers from unusual problems, even though it's second out of the gate as a full band game. Many of the missteps from "Rock Band" that Harmonix corrected by the second game are present in "World Tour", and even then, "World Tour" seems to lack the features that made "Rock Band" popular. It's not a bad first effort, and from the hardware is still hands-down better than "Rock Band"'s current offering. But, it is a game that will disappoint hard-core fans of "Guitar Hero" looking for a challenging game. For those that host their own virtual band parties, the game isn't quite as casual as "Rock Band". If you already have a set of plastic instruments at home, you can't go wrong with picking up the game-only part of "World Tour", though I recommend reviewing the playlist to make sure it is to your taste - you may find that a good portion of the songs are not to your liking."

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