GamesRadar: Saints Row 2 PC review

Saints Row 2 doesn't offer up a particularly compelling world or story, making it short on memorable moments, but while you're playing, it does go out of its way to make sure you're never bored by means of sheer quantity of action and variety of gameplay. However, because of technical issues with the port and a lack of enhancements to take advantage of the PC's hardware, the PC version isn't Saints Row 2 at its best.

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Charmers3426d ago

Ouch and some people thought the port of GTA 4 was bad on the PC. It seems Volition rose to the challenge that is GTA 4 and managed to succeed in making a worse port. Honestly that game looks horrible and the specs for it are shocking. I can see SR2 totally disappearing on the PC, I certainly won't be purchasing it and I doubt it will even be pirated that heavily it looks that crap. However no doubt they will wheel out the "piracy card" to justify low sales.