EGM Shuts Down, More Than 30 Ziff Davis Employees Laid Off

Earlier today, Ziff Davis made a reality out of rumors that the company is selling its 1UP Network to UGO Entertainment when it announced the buyout was in fact happening. Official details on the acquisition are still hard to come by, but as the hours go by, we're learning more about it.

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Mr_Showtime13482d ago

No more 1UPYours.

Good luck finding jobs guys!

SullyDrake3482d ago

R.I.P. EGM, the best gaming mag that ever was.

ReBurn3482d ago

Back in the day EGM was the king of the hill as far as magazines go. That was before we had the internet to feed us hourly. I miss the way EGM used to be.

360RRODFIX3482d ago

From what i understand Shane already decided to leave. They knew this was going to happened just not this hard.

To bad, after Epileptic Gaming, this was one favotire site, even though there were ton of xbox fans, still you can't deny awesomeness of 1UP Show, 1UP yours, 1UP FM.

Funny how all those that suck stayed with 1UP or whatever new name is going to be.

360RRODFIX3482d ago

BTW- It seems there is rumor about Shane working for Naughty Dog in not so distante future.

Rog Vader3482d ago

People like Shane Bettenhausen don't belong in the pro media. I know Sony fanboys like licking his nuts because he is just like them. But a site or publication looking for crediability and respect, won't get it with rabid fanboys writing for them.

360RRODFIX3482d ago

I see, maybe you are right, probably that is why they also laid off rest of 29 xbox fans that were bashing PS3 non stop. Maybe just maybe you are right there is no place for fanboys. BTW ignorant fool Shane decide to leave. Read his blog.

Charlie26883482d ago

Good to see there are other Epileptic Gaming fans here, that one was truly one of THE best podcasts EVER

I loved how everything on that podcast was SO random, how they many times they went SO off topic it was hysterical and the best off all the completely unpredictable fights with the audience many of those turned epic and they made me laugh so hard it made my jaw hurt XD

JD_Shadow3482d ago HAD to interject fanboyish garbage into something that had nothing to do with anything of the sort?

SL1M DADDY3482d ago

Shane was not anti-Xbox in his PS fandom. There is a difference in fanboys that hate another company and those that just love one over the other.

Rog Vader3482d ago

And here they come to defend. Shane Bettenhausen founded the SDF at 1up and coined the term Xbot. He is most certainly a fanboy. I would dare say he helped bring on the decline and ultimately the demies of 1up & EGM. They lost all crediability with Xbox fans because of him.

HairBear3482d ago

Shane Bettenhausen(or any pro-media fanboy) is a pimple on the ass of crediable trustworthy journalism.

SL1M DADDY3482d ago

You might want to go back and listen to Shane when the PS3 was first released. He slammed it just as bad as every other crack journalist. Only difference is that when Sony started to turn their act around, he took notice and gave them credit for making changes in the right direction. Too many journalists still hold on to the faults of Sony that are as old or older than Sony's PS3 launch.

3482d ago
DJ3482d ago

I haven't seen a cold-hearted statement like that in a Long time.

SL1M DADDY3482d ago

A person who would wish that on anybody, especially for a difference of opinion in videogames, is a sad individual that is in dire need of a reality check.

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360RRODFIX3482d ago

Shanes 1UP blog post:"my decision to leave 1up magically coincided with the big UGO deal that's currently galvanizing 1up into something new, unique, and hopefully still awesome. I'd decided to broaden my horizons and venture into unexplored areas during the holidays...and the news today helped me to cement my choice. Please don't worry about me: I already have a new gig lined up in the not-too-distant future that's still 100% dedicated to gaming. (I'l be forever bummed that my role as Audrina's new love interest on The Hills didn't pan out, though...) Tonight, please pour one out for my many comrades who will wake up tomorrow facing uncertain futures. May everyone land on his or her feet, and hopefully our paths will continue to cross for decades to come... Good night and good luck, -Shane "

thereapersson3482d ago

People have lost their jobs here. Though, for the fanboys they won't care; all they will think about is "one less biased review in the world!!!".

Did Dan Hsu ever leave EGM?

360RRODFIX3482d ago

Yes and started crappy blog that didn't get any attention.

n4gzz3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

as much as I don't like 1 UP's view toward PS3. I hope, those people can get job quick where they fit like, oxm or even MS itself. Losing job can change your living style on today's economy.

My prayer is with them.

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