Japan Stocks Rise for Sixth Day on Weaker Yen; Sony Advances

Japanese stocks rose, leading the Nikkei 225 Stock Average to its longest winning streak in 18 months, as a weaker yen improved the earnings outlook for electronics and machinery manufacturers.

Sony Corp., which gets a quarter of its sales from the U.S., gained 7.6 percent, and Komatsu Ltd., the world's second-largest maker of earthmoving equipment, added 4.7 percent after Japan's currency sank to a one-month low versus the dollar. NEC Electronics Corp., the nation's third-largest chipmaker, climbed 3.4 percent after memory prices rose. Nippon Paper Group Inc. dived 8.1 percent on concern import costs will rise.

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Blademask3510d ago

(in before the bladestar spin)


(in before the bs)


Lord Anubis3510d ago

the strong yen is the reason sony is getting less money for every US purchase.

Johnny Rotten3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

"Sony, the world’s second-biggest maker of consumer electronics, climbed 7.6 percent to 2,120 yen, the sharpest jump since Nov. 5".

So wait??? is Sony a sinking ship or what?

BIGBOSS083510d ago

so whos the first biggest maker of consumer electronics then?

Lord Anubis3509d ago

Samsung is. they makes all sorts of things. Sony sold several of their businesses they used to make memory (Samsung still does) but because fierce competition and china's low prices sony had to move away from the market. Sony used to make most of their technology including arm chips which went into their products but because they market got worst they were making more expensive chips than their Chinese competitors so they were in a pickle making more expensive parts than everyone else so they sold all of those unprofitable factories and businesses. Now they rely on the Chinese vendors making inexpensive parts and strangely consequently making less products.

cryymoar3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Not Microsoft.
They should leave the hardware to the professionals, like Sony. RRoD FTL.